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Bootcamp/Coding School

The online tech academy that will kickstart your career

Boolean runs intensive online courses to help you start a career in tech. Students can choose between Software Development, Data Analytics, and Front-end Development, with courses designed to transform complete beginners into tech professionals.
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Courses offered

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Analytics

Courses type

  • Full-Time Courses
  • Part-Time Courses

Present in

  • Remote
  • Central/Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe

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What do I need to enroll with Boolean?

There’s no typical Booleaner. We’ve helped thousands of people to start their tech careers, with students coming from all kinds of backgrounds. To enter our academy, you’ll need a great desire to learn, an aptitude for problem solving and the determination to start a career in tech.

What is the teaching approach?

Our courses are delivered 100% remotely meaning you can learn from anywhere in the world. We believe in learning by doing, so as well as theory. you’ll have lots of opportunity to practice your new coding or data skills. And we’re outcomes-focused, using real-world examples to design our curriculum and exercises.

How does Boolean help with the job search?

We’ll support you for 6 months after your course ends, giving you the right tools to start your new tech career. We also embed careers workshops into our curriculum, as well as one-to-ones with your Careers Advisor and mock interviews. You can count on our help right up until you sign your first contract.

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