Hired Partner, JazzHR: A Powerful ATS for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Hired Partner, JazzHR: A Powerful ATS for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Welcome to our spotlight series! Please tell us about yourself and JazzHR.

Hi there, I’m Shea Shatto, Sr. Director of Technology Partnerships at Employ. Employ powers recruiting with purpose-built, scalable solutions through JazzHR, Lever, Jobvite, and NXTThing RPO. JazzHR is a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable recruiting software that helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their entire hiring process. The companies using JazzHR are most often based in the United States and in the Information Technology and Services Industry. Over 12,000 businesses trust JazzHR to find their next great hire.

How did your organization come to exist?

Since 2009, JazzHR has raised the bar in the recruiting software industry, with many of our innovations becoming industry-standard. We’re the first company to put powerful, yet easy-to-use recruiting software in the hands of growing companies.

A little bit of background about us: JazzHR joined forces with Jobvite, Lever, and NXTThing RPO which spurred the creation of the parent company, Employ Inc. This significant business transformation launched the market leader in talent acquisition solutions. Employ Inc serves more than 20,000 customers across industries.

Offering a combination of purpose-built, intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise, Employ provides companies of all sizes — from growing SMBs to global enterprises — a single solution for recruiting and building a diverse workforce through its Jobvite, Lever, JazzHR, and NXTThing RPO brands. With the backing of Employ, JazzHR can offer a suite of capabilities businesses need to remain competitive in a difficult hiring environment.

Tell us more about your organization’s partnership with Hired. 

By replacing time-consuming tasks, like inbox recruiting and managing disjointed tools, JazzHR provides users with a centralized applicant tracking system that saves time and money and consistently results in better hires. JazzHR believes in providing a powerful partner community in order to better serve customers by streamlining their entire hiring process through integrations.

Through our partnership with Hired, our joint customers are able to source pre-vetted ambitious tech and sales talent from the most innovative companies. By connecting our workflows and automatically syncing data between Hired and JazzHR, TA teams can scale their recruiting processes, reduce hiring bias, and find the best fit faster for their roles. We encourage employers to connect their Hired and JazzHR systems for a boost in efficiency. We are proud to be connected with Hired to help you hire the right talent faster.

What are some initiatives that your organization is currently working on?

We’re thrilled to share that our parent company Employ Inc. has been recognized by Lighthouse Research & Advisory as an HR Tech Award winner with JazzHR taking the first place spot in the Small Business-Focused Solution category. We take this recognition as a testament to our product and the need to continue moving the needle in the talent acquisition space. Employ’s other companies NXTThing RPO and Lever also received awards in their respective categories. 

That’s great! Like Hired, you produce a fair bit of content for employers. Any exciting publications recently?

Yes! On a mission to eliminate frustration and repetition in candidate sourcing, we rounded up the most important types of candidate sourcing automations that JazzHR tools support – all while remaining within budget. Teams are embracing the workflow changes automation brings and your ATS should too. 

Thank you for sharing! Anything we should be on the lookout for or upcoming events you’d like to promote? 

JazzHR will be at the 2023 HR Technology Conference from October 10th-13th in Las Vegas!

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