Hired Partner, Workable: An ATS to Find & Hire Better Candidates, Faster

Hired Partner, Workable: An ATS to Find & Hire Better Candidates, Faster

Welcome to our spotlight series! Mind kicking things off with an introduction?

Glad to be a part of this! A quick bio on myself: I’m Trevor Schueren and I oversee our technology partnerships and partnership integrations here at Workable. That includes everything from working with prospective partners on their integration builds, to working with existing partners, like Hired, to make sure we’re providing a great end user experience for folks using our shared integration. 

For a 30,000 foot view on Workable, we’re an ATS that helps companies find, evaluate, and hire better candidates, faster (and a G2 category leader!).

Workable just celebrated its 10th birthday! Tell us how Workable has managed to stand out all these years.   

Traditionally, when you think of enterprise grade technology, you often think of software with a ton of bells and whistles only the largest of companies can truly afford. The word “legacy” may even come to mind. With SMBs making up the majority of businesses globally, we felt like this left the bulk of employers on the outside looking in. It was this desire to provide everyone with that same caliber of software that ultimately led Workable to where we are today. 

We do this via one-click posting to 200+ job sites, AI-powered sourcing, employee referrals, and more. You’ll reach those best-fit candidates actively looking for work, those who may not be looking, and even those your other successful hires already know.

I’d say what we’re all most proud of here at Workable, and the reason we come to work everyday, is we’ve helped 27,000+ companies hire over 1.5 million employees around the world.

1.5 million?! That’s incredible! How does Hired help with this effort to get more and more hiring teams connected with top candidates?

Many of our customers are tech-forward companies and looking to hire Software Engineers, DevOps, Design, Product Managers, etc – essentially all of the roles that Hired specializes in. Through our integration with Hired, hiring teams can use the Hired marketplace to match with the perfect candidate and seamlessly send them straight into Workable to be managed in the hiring pipeline and (hopefully) receive an offer.

Love the collaborative spirit. What else is Workable focused on right now?

Great question. It’s been a busy summer and 2022, in general, for us. 

We’ve been working on several improvements to make it easier for companies to start using Workable. This includes up-front pricing, self-service purchases, and self-guided onboarding for all plan levels and company sizes. 

Just a few weeks back we launched our Candidate Career Center – a place helping to answer jobseeker questions and concerns, provide interview tips and tricks, and much more! 

Lastly, we’ve also overhauled our Candidate Database, now providing the ability to leverage advanced filters, make bulk actions, and easily see what other jobs a candidate has applied for. 

Thanks for giving us some insight into those fabulous initiatives. Any closing thoughts? 

Yes, if you’re a mutual customer not already using the Workable and Hired.com integration, you’re missing out on valuable talent! Feel free to reach out to me directly if you’d like to learn more about Workable and how we can help – trevor.schueren@workable.com.

Agreed! Thanks for sitting down with us, Trevor, it was great to learn more about Workable.

Hired is the most efficient way to fill tech and sales roles today. With unbiased insights, DEI tools, skill assessments, and dedicated Customer Success Managers, Hired works with over 10,000 companies around the world to match thousands of active and qualified candidates to employ their full potential.

With better data, curated matches, and higher acceptance rates, employers save an average of 45 sourcing hours per role with the Hired solutions suite. Backed by The Adecco Group, Hired is rated by G2 as a leader in Recruiting Automation, Job Search Sites, and Diversity Recruiting.

Hired is committed to building equity in the hiring process through a more representative talent pool, using bias reduction features, customized assessments, and salary bias alerts to help remove unconscious bias when hiring.

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