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Hired Partner, Ashby: An ATS to Unlock Hiring Excellence

Hired companies that integrate their ATS average a 46% better placement rate than non-integrated companies. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of our new integration with Ashby!  

We sat down with Lindsay Workman from Ashby to learn more about our newest partner. 

Welcome to our spotlight series, let’s get started!

Hi! My name is Lindsay Workman, and I run partnerships at Ashby. This includes everything from integration partnerships to managing our VC partnership program.

Ashby is an all-in-one recruiting solution for both early-stage startups and later-stage, IPO-ready companies across the world. We help growing companies find, attract, and hire high-quality candidates with efficient recruiting processes.

What is the story behind your ATS?

Our co-founders, Benji Encz and Abhik Pramanik, were Engineering Leaders at a fast-growth company, spending 80% of their time on hiring. With the business scaling quickly, their focus was on finding a tool offering them visibility, automation, and process frameworks for their hiring.

Unfortunately, they could not achieve this without cobbling together a stack of tools that often failed to integrate seamlessly, often compromising on candidate experience and speed. Dissatisfied with the status quo, they joined Y Combinator and began work on Ashby. The aspiration: to build the best recruiting software. Period.

Today, Ashby is an enterprise-grade recruiting solution built off a modular but interconnected foundation that focuses on providing a principled foundation with the configurability and power to support even the most sophisticated recruiting workflows. The result is an all-in-one recruiting solution built to empower operationally and data-minded talent teams from Seed to IPO.

What sets Ashby apart from other applicant tracking systems out there?

In addition to a customizable and powerful ATS, we’ve decided to make analytics, scheduling, and sourcing automation core parts of our product. We have built all of this with a recruiting operations mindset – always thinking about how operationally-minded teams can leverage and customize Ashby to improve recruiting workflows for both their teams and their candidates.

Ashby customers on average save 5+ hours per week on each job post using templates and automation, increase their time to hire up to 2x with automation, alerts, and reminders supporting the recruiting process, and save 50% through consolidation into a single tool.

Tell us more about how Ashby is partnering with Hired. 

We’re super excited about this integration! Joint customers can now push job reqs directly from Ashby to Hired. Once a candidate responds, they’ll automatically be added from Hired to Ashby. And finally, once a job is linked to a Hired position any changes to a candidate’s stage in Ashby will also be reflected on Hired. 

The integration is super simple to set up and should only take companies a few minutes to connect the two systems. Our objective when integrating with companies like Hired is to make the process as easy as possible for our hiring companies while also maximizing the impact the integration will have.   

That’s great! We love how straightforward the integration is! Are there any core features for streamlining the hiring process you’d like to call out?

Ashby has become the favorite first choice for modern recruiting teams. While there’s a lot to love about Ashby, customers get especially excited when they realize how much they can do with the tool. This includes creating custom interview plans, setting interview limits while scheduling, searching and taking bulk actions in the CRM, and generating granular reports that don’t require you to be a data scientist – all in one tool!

Ashby has a strong, data-centric foundation so we make it easy to streamline workflows and set up automation throughout the product.

We recently released Structured Location Data on Candidates, where you can capture and save location data as a field directly to a candidate profile. This eliminates free-form input for candidate locations resulting in inconsistencies like “SF,” “san Francisco,” “San Fran,” and any number of typos. Because this is stored on the candidate as structured location data in Ashby you can:

  • Analyze where candidates are coming from to better allocate recruiting efforts
  • Automatically infer and set the candidate’s timezone to streamline scheduling
  • Perform bulk actions on candidates based on their location
  • Reliably use candidate location as default values in various templates

Thank you for sharing all of that, our marketplace will definitely enjoy learning more about the tool. Anything we should be on the lookout for coming up?

Yes definitely! We’ve got a ton of updates planned for the first part of H2 across scheduling, automation, CRM and sharing reports from Ashby. You can follow Ashby and our CEO, Benji Encz on LinkedIn to get a first look at when we share new features! 

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