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Hired 2023 Fall Product Releases Roundup

Hired 2023 Fall Product Releases Roundup

Hired platform updates to improve the hiring process 

To continuously drive improvements for the Hired platform, our Engineering team has several product releases on the talent marketplace for Fall 2023. This season brings updates for employers in particular and will help make it even easier to find the best tech and sales talent faster. Here’s what to expect for Fall 2023:

  1. Additional specialties: Cloud and Cybersecurity Engineering 
  2. Enhanced Hired Assessments workflow
  3. Interview request outreach messaging assisted by GenAI

1. New Cloud and Cybersecurity Engineering specialties

Dedicated specialties make it easier to search and filter for candidates. In fact, hundreds of ready-to-interview candidates are already live for these roles with new candidates added daily! More than half of them have 6+ years of experience and early results show an average interview acceptance rate of 62%. 

To tap into these new pools of candidates, simply create a new position and select the role you’re looking for. The Cybersecurity specialty is listed under “Software Engineering” and the Cloud Engineer specialty is under “Developer Operations (DevOps).” 

2. Streamlined Hired Assessments workflow

This new workflow provides a smoother experience, plus a new look and more intuitive layout. Here are the Hired Assessments upgrades to help you better manage your question bank and create collaborative sessions with ease: 

  • Questions now have their own tab in the main navigation bar at the top for better organization and easier access
  • New Questions can now be created without making a Challenge (Start building your Question library!)
  • Collaborative Sessions (formerly LiveChallenges) can now be made directly from any Coding Question for a more logical creation flow

Not using Hired Assessments yet to gauge the coding abilities of your candidates? It streamlines technical interviews, improves the candidate experience, and is a DEI-friendly method. Schedule a demo today!

I rarely get excited about anything in tech these days but this assessments tool is beyond what we have been looking for. Why did we not have this [in our toolbox] 10 years ago? 

Simon Phillips, SVP of Digital Payments at Mastercard

3. AI-generated interview request messages (Beta)

Save time and increase interview request acceptance rates with AI-generated text. With this feature, you can quickly personalize interview requests directly in the Hired platform. Why’s this a big deal? Personalized messages improve candidate experience and perform 25% better than default messages on Hired! 

These AI-generated messages leverage information from candidate profiles to increase response rates. Check out this article for more tips on improving response rates from candidates. 

Interested in participating in the beta? Let us know!

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Hired works to improve the customer and jobseeker experience with new 2023 Fall product releases

Stay up-to-date with the latest product releases and more by visiting the Hired Release Notes page! Keep an eye out for these product releases coming soon: 

  • Better matching for on-site and hybrid roles 
  • Easier ways to source talent based on skills

If you’re an employer seeking top talent, get a customized demo for your unique needs.

If you’re a jobseeker looking for your next tech or sales role, complete your free profile today.