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prioritizing sourcing

What's a "Job Family" and How Can it Help Me Prioritize My Sourcing?

A sourcer’s job is simple. Build quality pipeline, right?


Well, sort of. The verb “to source” typically evokes images of LinkedIn searches, Github X-ray strings,  and all manner of clever backdoor methods to find someone’s email address. But according to Michelle and Kim, Recruiting & Sourcing Specialists over at Edwards Lifesciences, that’s not the half of it.

In addition to the more traditional sourcing responsibilities, these two have added live events and employee referrals to their repertoire. While the candidates these channels yield would fairly qualify as generated pipeline, they more often seem to fall under the purview of recruiters, hiring managers, or that delightful overlap of the venn diagram, recruiting managers. In any case, Michelle and Kim joined your favorite recruiting podcast to explain exactly how they came to claim ownership of additional hiring channels.

And that’s not all. For all you talent acquisition pros out there at enterprise sized orgs, staring down the barrel of dozens of open reqs, this episode is for you. We discuss the organization of open reqs into “Job Families”,  the key to how Edwards prioritizes hiring, when it has just so darn much of it do.

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