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April 06, 2022

Losing Top Candidates to Unicorns and FAANG Companies? How to Stop It.

Key Learnings: Finding your unique value proposition as an employer brandHow to market your company & stand out to top candidatesHow to message your offers strategically so candidates...

March 16, 2022

What's the State of Remote Work for the Tech Industry?

An Employer's Guide to the Future of Work WHAT YOU'LL LEARN What you can do as an employer to appeal to 90% of Hired candidatesThe various types and definitions of remote and hybrid...

January 31, 2022

5 Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2022

Predictions for Tech & Sales Recruitment in 2022 from Hired Leadership There’s no denying that 2021 was a wild ride for HR and talent acquisition teams, making it tough to predict...

November 01, 2021

2021 State of UK Tech Salaries

New Data on Compensation and Benefits in UK Tech Roles, Industries and More What You'll Learn UK tech salary trends based on role, industry, and years of experienceHow technical...

October 25, 2021

Survey Results: Top 3 Benefits Ranked by Engineers (Besides Salary)

Survey Results: Top 3 Benefits Ranked by Engineers (Besides Salary) Whether you’re navigating the “Great Resignation” or scaling your teams, you know it’s tougher than ever to attract, hire, and...

October 20, 2021

Best Practices for Onboarding Hybrid Roles (A Complete Checklist)

About this Checklist Before COVID-19, employees spent most of their time in the office—but when the world changed, so did workplace norms. Today, many companies have adopted a hybrid work...