Revolutionizing Recruitment: Walking the Tech Hiring Tightrope (VIDEO)

Revolutionizing Recruitment: Walking the Tech Hiring Tightrope (VIDEO)

How do you future-proof recruiting and talent acquisition in this evolving tech landscape? Watch this on-demand webinar to hear experts discuss key findings and data from Hired’s 2023 State of Tech Salaries report. They’ll discuss insights into the technologies, skills, and preferences shaping the tech industry. From emerging tech roles to the rise of hybrid work models, discover how to align your hiring strategies with the future.

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What are common recruiting challenges teams are facing?

Katrina Collier

It’s always quite amazing because you think it’s going to be a technology problem. It’s never a technology problem. It’s always a human problem. I hear other recruiters speaking all around the world and it’s always the same problem. It comes back to the intake or kickoff call and the relationship between recruiters and hiring managers. It always seems to be what’s causing the friction. Maybe it’s different things around it but it’s always that relationship. 

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I would really like to see investment in people because we used to teach that people relationship. We get a lot on the candidate side but there’s not enough on the manager side. I would love to see recruiters being built up in confidence so they can say no. Sometimes these managers have really big job titles. But that doesn’t mean they can recruit. You should be going in and equally partnering. 

I would also like to see TA leaders allowing their recruiters to be really audacious. If the hiring manager doesn’t show up to the meeting, which happens a lot, the recruiters often just close the requirement… It shouldn’t have to get to that point. There be respect in the partnership from the beginning. I would like recruiters to feel like TA and business leaders have their backs so they can say, “We’re recruiting people for your team. This really matters. I get that you’re busy but the people make this company a success.” 

Have you experienced a shift in candidate expectations?

Gary L. Davis

It’s interesting because in terms of expectations, the same things candidates wanted twenty years ago, I don’t know if we’ve always been in a position to deliver them. To Katrina’s point about setting recruiters up for success, the things we were asking for twenty years ago are not much different. Candidates want to be treated with courtesy and respect when we’re going through the interview process. They want to make sure we’re being evaluated consistently and fairly.

Candidates also want to make sure we have clarity about the value we’re expected to create in the role. We’re talking about more integration. How do we build our careers around our lives? Now we’re saying, how do we build our lives around our careers? We’re expecting things like wellness to become a major priority.

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We’re also expecting to have the flexibility to drop kids off at school in the morning and be available later in the evening. Then on the flip side, you think about that wellness and flexibility piece and tie it back to DEIB. We’re noticing jobseekers (particularly Gen Z and Millennials) expect DEIB to be something companies care deeply about and are actively doing things to change. LinkedIn did a study a few years back and found about 76% of jobseekers and employees were looking for that level of satisfaction and reassurance about companies caring. 

The reality is that the world is continuing to change. In a lot of ways, especially in this past year, the tech space has been rock solid. We did massive hiring a few years ago. Only at the start of this year and late last year did we let a lot of folks go. I think we’re all in this moment of wondering how to hire for what’s next. How do we prepare ourselves? How do we think about the future of our companies and how the talent acquisition landscape needs to change to make our companies competitive? 

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  • How candidate preferences are transforming work models, benefits, and career growth
  • How small and medium-sized businesses can compete for top tech talent
  • How to foster continuous learning and skill development for future demands
  • How useful AI is in recruiting 

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