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It’s true: companies are only as successful as their people. And in order to attract the best and brightest, today’s innovative companies need a strong employer brand. A positive brand reputation can mean the difference between a company maintaining an all-star team and consistently losing dream candidates to a competitor.

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    54% of candidates consider company culture one of the most important factors when job searching

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    77% of tech workers are interested in working 100% remotely

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    39% of candidates consider benefits beyond salary one of the most important factors when job searching

Emerging Trends in Employer Branding

How to invest your resources in 2020

Local Leaders in San Diego

Top 20 Employer Brands

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  1. Qualcomm
  2. Teradata
  3. Viasat
  4. Dexcom
  5. Brain Corp
  6. Classy
  7. MindTouch
  8. Seismic
  9. Shield AI
  10. Tealium
  11. Wrapify
  12. Fairway Technologies
  13. SmartDrive Systems
  14. PetDesk
  15. BVAccel
  16. LabFellows
  17. Auptix
  18. MedCrypt
  19. CourseKey

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Getting to know knowledge workers in San Diego

What talent looks for in a company
  1. Company culture
  2. Compensation (i.e. base salary)
  3. Benefits beyond salary (e.g. healthcare, equity, perks)
What turns talent off from a company
  1. Not knowing enough about the company
  2. Poor reputation
  3. Not interested in the product

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Wage Gap: Pay Trends in San Diego

The pay gap is slowly closing

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Distribution of the Wage Gap

60% of the time men are offered higher salaries than women for the same job at the same company and companies offer women 3% less on average than men for the same roles.

Frequence of roles Wage Gap
  • Job offers made to women that were less than job offers made to men
  • Job offers made to women that more or equal less than job offers made to men

Wage Gap in San Diego

In 2019, our data shows that women working in San Diego are offered 6% less than men in a similar roles.

  • Expectation Gap
  • Wage Gap

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Strategies for equitable tech hiring

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San Diego Salary Trends for Software Engineers

The average paycheck for tech workers in San Diego is on the rise. While the average salary for software engineers, data analysts, and other tech workers remained roughly the same between 2015 and 2017, it grew by 4.6% in 2018, increasing from $108,000 to $113,000. Compared to the rest of the country, the average income for tech workers in the city was 79% more than the median household income in the US ($63,179) and 50% more than the average salary in the city. Rising salaries weren’t the only change. Employers also experienced a shift in the attitudes of tech workers regarding telecommuting and additional benefits. For instance, companies that sent job offers with an automated email were less likely to get a response, as more candidates indicated a preference for a personal touch with job offers. In addition, 8 out of 10 workers were interested in working 100% remotely while 4 out of 10 candidates considered benefits beyond salary to be a major factor during a job search. Local talent also considered the culture of a company to be an important factor during a job search. Companies with a strong employer brand found it easier to hire top talent.

San Diego Top Brands Hiring Software Engineers in San Diego

Asked to choose which company in San Diego they would most like to work for, local tech workers picked semiconductor leaders, Qualcomm as the leading employer in the city. Teradata ranked second ahead of Viasat and Dexcom. Headquartered in San Diego, Brain Corp, a company that specializes in AI and robotics technology ranked fifth, followed by Classy, MindTouch and software company, Seismic. Shield AI was voted ninth while Tealium, a software solution company that specializes in tag management system and marketing software, ranked tenth. Wrapify featured in the 11th position ahead of Fairway Technologies and SmartDrive Systems. PetDesk and BVAccel made up the final companies in the top 15. The biotech solutions company, LabFellows was ranked 16th followed by the freight management company, Flock Freight (also known as AuptiX). Other companies include in the top 20 were MedCrypt and the education-leaning SaaS company, CourseKey. Although the base salary was a major factor, candidates based their decision on other factors, such as the company reputation. Local tech workers were more likely to work for companies that offered them opportunities to learn new skills during their careers.

Most In-Demand Software Engineering Skills in San Diego

Boasting a booming biotech industry, San Diego is quickly evolving into a mature tech hub. The city’s tech scene recorded an increase in the number of jobs for software engineers. At the top of the list were jobs calling for the skills of full-stack engineers. Employers also sought backend engineers capable of working with server-side applications, back-end frameworks, and server-side programming languages. Also in high-demand were frontend engineers as well as experienced data engineers, capable of maintaining and testing analytics infrastructure. Job roles calling for mobile engineers also trended high, as more companies adopted mobile solutions to boost their productivity and market penetration. Most of the top positions called for software engineers with a minimum of four to eight years of experience in their field. Developers skilled in certain programs were more in demand than others. Topping the list was the demand for software engineers skilled in TypeScript. Employers also searched for data engineers capable of programming with Scala and full-stack/backend engineers with proven proficiency in server-side languages like PHP. Proficiency in C# was also a recurring requirement in job ads for developers, while most positions for frontend engineers listed JavaScript as an essential skill requirement.

San Diego Pay Gap Trends

San Diego’s pay gap is slowly closing. Spurred by the increased awareness of the wage inequality by employers and tech candidates, the wage gap improved in 2019, narrowing from 8% to 6%. Data shows that women were more willing to ask for what they deserved.* Women were offered equal or higher salaries for the same job compared to men 40% of the time. And while women still earned 6% less than men on average working in similar roles, they were more likely than men to take action when they learned of the wage discrepancy. 32% of women started searching for a new job while 26% met with the manager to have a discussion about salary. Unsurprisingly, certain tech roles offered better salaries than others. Women employed in product management and DevOps earned more on average compared to women working in data analytics, design and software engineering. However, the wage gap was at its widest for tech workers just starting out in data analytics, developer operations, and design.

*Tech workers can help close the gap by referencing high-quality salary data to know their worth and ask for it.