How to get approved on hired

How to Get Approved on Hired

Hired is a closed, curated marketplace that strives to create the best experience possible for jobseekers and hiring managers alike. To achieve this, candidates and companies are vetted by our machine learning algorithm before they receive an invite to go live on Hired. 

Candidates must have an in-demand skill set aligned with actively hiring employers on the platform, ideally 2+ years of relevant experience, and a completed profile with a resume and/or LinkedIn URL included. Candidates must also display an intent to start interviewing right away.

When jobseekers submit their profile on Hired, they’ll be notified in real-time if any employers are hiring for roles matching their skills and experience. If there’s a match, candidates are approved instantly to go live. They can choose a date for their profile promoted to those matching opportunities. However, If no matches surface right away, no worries our team will send an email as soon as relevant opportunities open up. 

The state of the market plays a large role in matching jobseekers and employers. Hired data shows that in recent years employers have generally been more strict in who they reach out to and are using more filters on average to narrow their searches. 

As for employers, companies must have a clear need to hire, and be willing to provide compensation and role details in the offers they make on our platform.

In which locations can I find a job through Hired?

Hired works with companies primarily in the US, UK, and Canada. Traditionally, we see our strongest presence both in terms of company and candidate volume in major tech hub cities. However, Hired supports remote talent worldwide. Provided candidates are open to remote work or the possibility of relocation while meeting our other criteria, they can go live on the marketplace to match with employers who source talent from all over the world. 

The workplace landscape is always changing and we now see highest demand for hybrid and in-office roles. Being open to these types of roles can help your profile get more attention from our companies.

What skill sets are companies looking for on Hired?

Our primary focus is technical roles but we recently added some customer-facing positions, such as account executives and customer experience managers. Currently, open roles favor candidates with 2+ years of full-time experience in software engineering, product management, engineering management, data analytics/science, quality assurance, devops, design, and sales with a wide variety of specialties for each role. That said, we are constantly working with employers to scale their teams, so check this list periodically for additions.

What type of roles does Hired support?

Companies on Hired are looking to fill full-time/permanent and contract roles. These roles can be on-site, remote, or hybrid. Currently, we do not support internship, part-time, or C2C roles. 

I am looking to begin my career in tech or transition into a technical role. Can Hired help me?

Our companies are typically seeking jobseekers with 2+ years of full-time experience in a relevant role. As a result, Hired isn’t best suited for jobseekers fresh from a career transition or graduation. However, we partner with General Assembly and graduates of their software engineering immersive programs can go live to our companies with less than 2 years of full-time experience. 

I’m just interested in seeing what I’m worth. Is the Hired platform for me? 

The Hired platform is meant for candidates who intend to start interviewing right away as the companies we support are looking to hire immediately. If you’re ready to start a new role within 30 days, we encourage you to create and submit your profile (for free!). If not, you are welcome to check out the Hired Salary Calculator to view offer salary data from others with similar skill-sets, specialties, and years of experience.

Once approved, your profile will be promoted to employers ‌for at least 2 weeks. When the platform detects a potentially good fit, the employer can request an interview, and your job search progresses from there!

How do I create a strong profile? 

Your profile is an employer’s first impression of you and we have a few ways you can make it count. 

  • The profile headline is the very first item employers see in their search so grab their attention with a creative and appealing one-liner. 
  • From our list, select the role that most closely aligns with your target job.
  • Make sure your top 5 skills accurately represent your experience in order of priority. This affects how you show up in search queries based on our matching algorithm and employers’ search criteria. 
  • In the work history section, list 2-3 bullet points from your resume underneath each past role. Highlight your achievements and the technology or tools you used. 

Get more advice on creating a stellar Hired profile.

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Originally published January 2023. Updated February 2024.