Partner Spotlight Enhancv Yasaman Mansouri

Hired Partner, Enhancv: The Resume Builder Helping You Tell Your Story

Welcome to our spotlight series! Please tell us about yourself!

I’m Yasaman, Product Manager at Enhancv. I joined the team about a year ago and couldn’t be more proud and excited about Enhancv’s goal. Our mission is to empower job seekers, and help them through every step of their journey while changing jobs. We support our users with our expertise in hiring, and change this stressful experience to a pleasant one while guiding jobseekers to the next chapter of their lives. 

When did Enhancv get started?

Enhancv was started back in 2014 by three friends who discovered the secret of the “perfect resumes” to get people hired. The company and the platform focused on resume building first, providing support for both the design and the content of resumes and cover letters.

But as we all know, landing a great job needs more than just a good resume. That’s why Enhancv expanded its support and services to all steps of the hiring process including job search, interview preparation, social media profiling and more.

All this is possible with the help of our career counselors who are pros at preparing anyone and everyone for hiring requirements.

Tell us more about Enhancv’s partnership with Hired. 

We are very excited to partner with Hired. While we provide the support for the candidates to move forward with their applications, Hired gives them the exposure they need to various companies which accelerates their hiring process. Our partnership can result in many more successful Hires which is what we aim for. 

Additionally, we’re collaborating with Hired partners to help provide career services to bootcamps and upskilling programs looking for assistance with graduate outcomes. At the end of October we’re excited to be co-hosting an event with partner, Thinkful.

Are you working on other timely initiatives on top of the Thinkful event?

We are expanding the functionality of our resume builder to include new templates and features. Resume tailoring is our brand new feature that allows users to upload the description of the job they are applying to, and gives them suggestions to tailor the resume to that specific job. With our new initiatives we aim to help our users create the best possible resumes and get noticed when applying for jobs. 

Beyond document preparation, we continue to invest in high quality counseling services such as resume writing, resume review, and interview preparation. However, when enabling people to lead their career to the next level, there is nothing we’re not willing to explore.

So our plan for the near future is to help people have the career they are meant to have – one that fulfills their true desires, whether it is through a platform, counseling sessions, or a completely new and innovative solution. 

Thank you for sharing all of that! Is there anywhere else we can go to leverage Enhancv’s vast hiring knowledge? 

Yes! Visit our blog to read about our “ace the interview” tips. 

We’re also planning on partnering with multiple educational institutions to provide career counseling sessions for people who finish a training (in all levels) and give them a good kick start to use their new learnings in their next steps so be on the lookout for more of those! 

Thank you, Yasaman!

Hired is the largest AI-driven marketplace matching ambitious tech and sales talent with the world’s most innovative companies. Backed by global HR leader, The Adecco Group, Hired combines intelligent job matching with unbiased career counseling to help people find a job they love and reach their full potential.

By providing accurate, real-time information, access to equal opportunity, efficiency, and transparency, the Hired platform serves as the backbone for hiring managers, recruiters, and C-level executives to surface the best talent and build amazing, diverse teams around the world.

Hired is committed to building equity in the hiring process through a more representative talent pool, using bias reduction features, customized assessments, and salary bias alerts to help remove unconscious bias when hiring. 

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