Pathrise: 1-on-1 Mentorship, Training, & Advice for Tech Professionals

Hired Partner, Pathrise: 1-on-1 Mentorship, Training, & Advice for Tech Professionals

Welcome to our spotlight series! Please introduce yourself and the organization you represent.

Thanks for the invite! I’m Kevin Wu, founder of Pathrise. We’re a venture capital-backed startup that helps students and professionals land their dream jobs. Think of Pathrise as an incubator for careers. Our mentors work 1-on-1 with fellows in our program to optimize their job search materials like resumes, ace interviews, and negotiate their salary 10%-20% higher on average. The program is free until fellows land a job they love. So far, we’ve helped 2,500+ people land jobs at top companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and more.

How did your organization come to exist?

At age 19, I dropped out of college to join Salesforce as a full-time software engineer, eventually leaving to work for an ed-tech company. When I went back to college, my cofounder and I met so many amazing engineers. But they didn’t always land amazing jobs. Sometimes brightest students struggled to get interviews, while others seemed to sail straight to six-figure job offers. 

I realized that all the opportunities I had in tech came through outreach and networking, not college. The skills required to land a great tech job were completely different than the skills required to be a great engineer. 

My co-founder and I began giving casual career advice based on our practical job search experience as well as our time in ed-tech. Our systematized advice turned out to be more helpful than career advice students learned in college–which was generally nothing.

Why wasn’t there a more formal career guide for students, a program that could help with all phases of the job search, from resume writing to salary negotiation? Because that program didn’t exist, we decided to create it. Five years later we’ve helped thousands of people land their dream jobs at top FAANG companies and exciting startups. 

Tell us more about your organization’s partnership with Hired. 

We’re partnering with Hired to help fellows source jobs. Hired connects jobseekers with companies, saving them hours of tedious LinkedIn searches and sweaty job fair handshakes. Our fellows can benefit from using Hired for many reasons, and we think they should take advantage of this resource.

One reason is the employers reach out to the jobseeker on Hired – taking the fatigue many jobseekers feel out of the process. This allows jobseekers to focus on preparing for the interview. As well as our fellows use Hired, Hired recommends Pathrise to jobseekers looking for a more intense program to help with all phases of the job search.

What are some initiatives that your organization is currently working on?

We recently launched a new app Career Connect that gets users 3x more interviews. The tool finds email addresses of recruiters and hiring managers, then uses AI to generate personalized networking emails. Every email is optimized by our tested AI to get you an interview. 

We’ve found that including a personalized networking email with your application triples your odds of getting an interview. Our app can automatically send optimized networking emails to hiring decision-makers so you land a job faster. The app also tracks your application emails to send follow-ups on time. It’s completely free on Chrome.

We also recently gave fellows the option to be paired with a “Talent Agent” who will apply to jobs for them, saving them sleepless nights on tedious job applications and LinkedIn networking messages. On behalf of their fellow, Talent Agents network, leverage recruiting firms, and send recommendations to hiring managers. Athletes and entertainers have agents to land the best jobs and salaries possible. Why shouldn’t tech professionals have agents, too?

Thank you for sharing all of that, our network will definitely enjoy learning more about your organization. Anything coming up we should know about? 

Pathrise is growing rapidly, onboarding new expert mentors, opening new career tracks, and building exciting new tools.  We’re continuing to launch higher-level program tiers with even more 1-on-1 help from talent agents who will find jobs and apply to them for you. We’re also growing our  “specialist network” that gives fellows insider secrets and overcome any obstacles in their job search. Specialists help fellows identify the perfect roles, craft a resume to bypass ATS filters, ace interviews, overcome imposter syndrome, negotiate a higher salary, and much more. With 186+ specialists ranging from former recruiters to top FAANG engineers, our specialist network is a one-stop-shop for the job search. 

Be on the lookout for the launch of our new app to get 3x more interviews! Our app gets you in front of hiring decision-makers, saving you hours of cold outreach and applications that never get responses. Our tool then uses AI to generate the perfect networking email tailored to your resume and the job description to give you the best chance of landing an interview. Add the extension to Chrome free today.

We’ve already helped thousands of students and professionals land their dream jobs at top FAANG companies. Are you next?

We appreciate you chatting with us, Kevin. We are excited to partner with Pathrise and help people land new opportunities, together.

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Originally published August 2022. Updated February 2024.