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Hired Honors the Fall 2023 One Team One Dream Award Winners

Hired Honors the Fall 2023 One Team One Dream Award Winners

Twice a year, Hired honors several team members who consistently embody company values and go above and beyond in delivering on our mission and vision. The One Team One Dream (OTOD) awards are the highest form of recognition at Hired. 

Following an open nomination process, a committee considers the nominees and narrows it down to three award recipients. During the corporate offsite in October, Hired announced the most recent three stand-out team members. 

Kevin Jacobson, Senior Software Engineer

For over six years, Kevin has been a part of Hired’s Engineering team. He’s worked on various aspects of Hired’s codebase and focuses on internal and revenue tools. He’s built internal admin interfaces, customer onboarding flows, and browser-based device detection algorithms – just to name a few projects. 

Kevin’s colleague Kreg Boyd, Senior Product Manager, was one of several people to nominate him and share praises:  

“Kevin is a great engineer, super talented, and very, very smart. He cares so much about the product and the team that he will jump in, he’ll get his hands dirty, he’ll fix anything that needs to be fixed. Kevin hosts office hours weekly just for anybody to be able to come and ask him questions and get his help with things and people are going to those office hours pretty regularly because it’s so valuable and he offers so much insight. I can’t say enough about Kevin. He’s super deserving.”

During the OTOD offsite, Kevin himself shared a few words expressing how thankful he is for the Hired team and his award: 

“I want to thank everybody at Hired. You’re some of the most intelligent, kind, and caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. We’ve created a community where I feel I can be my authentic self. And that’s rare in the world, let alone the workplace. Since I joined in 2017, I’ve gotten married, adopted two more cats and a dog, and gone from being a Software Engineer II to a Staff Engineer. Hired is a really special place for me. We have this wonderful culture of respect and empathy. That culture endured leadership changes, office changes, bankruptcies, and acquisitions. Throughout all of that, Hired has remained a place full of love and kindness and great people doing great stuff.”

Ilana Green, Senior Manager of Finance & Strategy

Ilana handles all things finance. This includes leading Hired’s financial planning processes, conducting in-depth financial analyses, overseeing sales quarterly target setting, managing her team of three.

Josh Brenner, Hired’s CEO, explains why Ilana is such an impactful team member: 

“Ilana Green truly embodies all of the Hired values and I’ve seen them firsthand across all the aspects of the business. Ilana works seamlessly with all leaders across the organization and every single person in this company. She is consistently raising the bar for herself and her team. I couldn’t be more proud of her and so happy that we have Ilana as part of Hired.”

Commenting on Ilana’s proficiency beyond finance, Sam Friedman, SVP of People Strategy, adds: 

“Ilana is not just an expert with the numbers. She’s a remarkable leader who has the innate ability to take every request big and small and make it into a formula for success. We’re so lucky to have Ilana on our team.”

Sophia Koehl, Partnerships Coordinator

Hired partners with organizations and communities who share a vision for a future where everyone has equal opportunity to find a job they love. Sophia is a key part of cultivating these partnerships, helping companies and jobseekers grow. Specifically, she is responsible for the operations of the candidate function within the partnership ecosystem.

Thrilled to have Sophia on the team, here’s what Alexa Lebowitz, Senior Manager of Partnerships, has to say about working with her: 

“Sophia is an incredible teammate, a great person to work with every day. The impact she’s had on partnerships over the last two years is absolutely incredible. She is always putting others first, asking where she can lend a hand, and she’s always pushing to bring partnerships to a new level. Everybody that works with her has nothing but positive things to say.”

One example of a colleague having so many positive things to say about Sophia? Hanna Goefft

Integrated Marketing Manager, chimes in on what it’s like collaborating with her:  

“It has been an amazing experience over the past two years to work with her and see all the growth and all that she’s accomplished. She is adept at representing Hired and building meaningful relationships with external partners – ones that actually allow for impact and progress, which is not an easy thing to do. She shows up to work every day with an amazing attitude. Sophia is always willing to lend a helping hand on any project.”

Proud to be One Team, One Dream 

With 87+ One Team One Dream award nominations across the company, it’s clear we have numerous team members who put their all into making Hired successful. Thank you to the OTOD award winners and all the employees who are helping us make hiring equitable, efficient, and transparent.

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