11 Software Engineering Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

Remote work is increasingly a siren call throughout the technology industry, luring top software engineers back to their home desks (or any desk in any location of their choosing) and away from long commutes down the peninsula. Technology has not only changed the way we work, but where we work — and remote workers are all the more happier for it, per a 2016 TINYPulse study which found that remote employees are happier and more productive than other workers. 

Ready to make the jump from WFH Wednesdays to WFH Everyday? Here are 10 software engineering jobs you can do from anywhere (literally):

Healthify: Senior Backend Engineer
Healthify’s mission is “to build a world where no one’s health is hindered by their need.” Are you an asshole? Then you’d hate this job, which is entirely centered around “building impactful services for patient populations with social service needs.” But if you’re a saint and/or ready to ship code that directly improves the end users’ well-being, Healthify is looking for an experienced Senior Backend Engineer to join their team. Based out of New York, Healthify is built on a Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and Aptible (a HIPAA compliant PaaS) stack.

Joist: Full Stack Developer & Senior iOS Engineer
Home renovations are so hot right now. Just ask Joist, headquartered in both Toronto and San Francisco, and currently hiring a Senior Mobile Engineer and Full Stack Developer. “The majority of homeowners who undertake a home renovation will categorizes their experience as painful,” Joist’s site copy reads. “Simply put, our mission at Joist is to have every homeowner in the world love their home. The perks of joining Joist’s team include unlimited vacation time, flexible work hours, “a kegerator that never runs out of premium beer and Sriracha stocked in the fridge.” Visa sponsorship is also available.

InfluxData: Director of Engineering & Database/Distributed Systems Engineer
InfluxData, a real-time monitoring and analytics platform provider, is not kidding around in its search for top technical talent. “We're looking for candidates who value continually mastering the craft of coding and building tools that benefit the open source development community,” proclaims the job description for Influx’s Director of Engineering opening. InfluxData currently serves more than 260 customers, including eBay, Mozilla, Barclay’s, and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and investors include Battery Ventures, Y Combinator, Boomberg BETA, Mayfield Fund, and Trinity Ventures.

SocialChorus: Senior Software Engineer
SocialChorus is an employee communications platform for complex, distributed workforces, and is used by the HR teams of global brands and Fortune 500 companies. So it goes without saying that of course SocialChorus’ entire team is remote. In fact, a distributed workforce is not only part of their business model; it’s baked into their mission. “We believe that people do their best work when the are able to live where like and work with whom they choose,” proclaims the Senior Software Engineer job description.

Clarke.ai: Software Engineer
Clarke.ai’s ambitious goal is to be everyone’s assistant at work. The NYC-based early stage startup is looking for a product-focused engineer with “solid grasp of core fundamentals” (including experience with Python, AWS, and Docker) to join their team as Software Engineer. This role — an early hire for rapidly-growing company — will be working closely with Clarke.ai’s founders, and thus comes with significant subsequent growth opportunities (not to mention huge % for the right candidate).

User Interviews: Software Engineer
Boston-based startup User Interviews has an exciting early opening spot on their team. As a Software Engineer, you’d be working closely with User Interviews’ Chief Technology Officer to build out the platform and design significant portions of the code base. “As the second developer on the team, you will design and implement features throughout the whole stack,” reads the job description. “You will be given the freedom to design your own implementation details and you’ll have the opportunity to bring features from concept to design and deployment.”

Good Eggs: Senior DevOps Engineer
There’s no better feeling than working to enrich the lives of others, which is what you’d be doing every day as Senior DevOps Engineer at Good Eggs. Good Eggs, an online market that delivers good groceries to customers' homes throughout the Bay Area, is looking for an experienced programmer to join their DevOps team. What does DevOps mean at Good Eggs? “Our DevOps Team is responsible for a broad range of things,” explains the job description, “from developer productivity to the care and feeding of our production infrastructure. You should be well versed in the cloud-based ecosystem, including the use of containers and cluster scheduling. Ideally you've supported successful web applications and could discuss web architecture design in detail. Keywords: AWS, ECS, Docker, Convox, Terraform, Ansible, CI, CD, NodeJS, Go, Python, Ruby.”

Salesforce: Director, Solution Engineering
Are you interested in an engineering job with major strategic impact? Are your biz dev skills just as strong as your technical skills? Look no further than Salesforce’s Director, Solution Engineering. Per the job description: “The Director, Solution Engineering will report to the VP and will hire and allocate resources, perform employee reviews and evaluations, participate in strategic deals, drive relationships with Sales Leadership, and back up team members as needed to grow regional business.”

ConvertKit: Senior Rails Engineer
ConvertKit, a fully remote company distributed across 8 states and 4 countries, is looking to add a Senior Rails Engineer to its team. “You’re a perfect fit for this role if you’ve got experience developing software, love pragmatic OO design for its long-term cost benefits, and testing,” says the job description. “Clean code is not just a phrase for you. Given our high rate of growth, you'll need to have strong knowledge of scaling Rails applications up.” They’re not lying about their growth trajectory.

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