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Eliminate Salary Negotiations

Time to Eliminate Salary Negotiation

Tech Recruiters are hard to find, salary negotiation is just part of the process, and hiring managers should be as involved as possible, right?


Just ask Bailey Douglass, Director of People & Talent at Mode. Bailey’s put together a rock solid process, and she has some en fuego takes about how talent folks can make their hiring journey reliable, repeatable, and equitable. How do negotiation and hiring manager involvement play in? Well, Bailey joined me on–you guessed it–your favorite recruiting podcast, to share all the nitty gritty.

First, in the interest of guaranteeing a great candidate experience, not expressing favoritism towards referred candidates, and avoiding a whole host of other complications, Bailey is sure to reel in zealous hiring managers. It’s great to have HMs who are excited about recruiting, but as Bailey points out, if they insist on taking phone screens or conducting all candidate communications, the process can suffer. She explains some of the risks of candidate-happy hiring managers, and examples of messaging you can use to loop them in to your process.

Also, Mode has removed salary negotiation from their offer process. After purchasing salary data and being confident in their ability to make fair and competitive offers, Mode decided that negotiating with candidates would only damage the company’s ability to ensure equal pay. Bailey explains how a deliberate and well communicated compensation strategy builds trust with candidates and narrows–or eliminates– the pay gap.

This episode is full of important strategies and thoughtful recruiting approaches you can take back to your team, so make sure to stream the full conversation below!