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Ready to Shuffle Up Your Tired Interview Process?

When the top brass comes in to your HQ for a board meeting, who’s invited? More specifically, who from the talent organization is invited? Hopefully, someone on your team gets that coveted seat at the table, and hopefully it’s someone who intimately understands the recruiting process. At Caffeine, it’s Head of Talent Alex Lebovic, who is able to make sure talent is represented in such a way that protects them from those “came down from on high” recruiting orders.

Alex was fresh on the heels of a board meeting when we sat down together for the latest installment of Talk Talent To Me. She shared with me the data she came armed with, as well as the helpful direction shared by storied investors Ben Horowitz and John Lilly, who have seen enough companies to understand just how compulsory the talent function is.

Beyond board meetings, Alex is also shuffling up the traditional interview process. Technical assessments are now taking place at the phone screen stage, and the team has enjoyed increased conversion rates downfunnel as a result. Further, Alex is shifting her team away from sourcing quotas and towards hiring quotas, meaning recruiters are incentivized to have fewer, but more meaningful candidate interactions.

How can you measure the shifts in your hiring cycle after tweaking your process? What goes in to shifting away from a sourcing quota? What should you prepare when you have an opportunity to represent the talent team in front of the organization. All this and more on the below episode of Talk Talent To Me!