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Bold Predictions & Benchmarks: Master Tech Hiring in 2024 (VIDEO)

Bold Predictions & Benchmarks: Master Tech Hiring in 2024 (VIDEO)

What do industry experts predict for tech recruitment this year? In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn what to expect in 2024, what benchmarks they turn to (especially in what’s expected to be another whirlwind year), and where the inescapable topic of AI fits into it all. 

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Hear from:

  • SVP of People Strategy, Hired, Sam Friedman
  • VP of Strategic Consulting, Criteria, Brad Schneider 
  • Director of Talent and Recruitment, Collective Health, Dana Dillard
  • Community and Talent Acquisition Advisory Lead, Ashby, Shannon Ogborn

Read an excerpt of the conversation here and scroll down to access the full webinar. 

What is one bold prediction or hot take on how tech hiring will change in 2024?

Dana Dillard

Hot takes of 2024 seems to be a very big discussion topic in our industry right now. From a recruitment perspective, I think a lot about the importance of elevating the candidate experience. I think we can all agree we’ve got some work to do as a TA function in helping candidates have a great experience no matter who they’re interacting with, no matter the outcome.

We need to make sure we’re elevating the experience and helping candidates understand the mission of the companies they’re considering and what’s in it for them. Candidates have been through a lot. There’s been a lot of uncertainty. A lot of people have gone through layoffs for the first time in their careers or have seen friends and colleagues get impacted.

Anchoring on connecting with candidates, elevating the experience, and helping them understand the value you’re offering will be critical this year.

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Brad Schneider

I think tech hiring will pick up. I view it like a pendulum. When the Fed rate was low and money was cheap, there was a mentality of growth at any cost. There was an enormous amount of hiring, especially in tech. As interest rates increased, it became more and more expensive to borrow. Some organizations couldn’t get loans. There was a need to become profitable and to do so quickly was through layoffs. So you had a tremendous number of layoffs in the tech space.

People say the one constant is change. A lot of that change is driven by advances in technology. You need people to build that technology and you need people to service it. Salespeople, customer service reps, engineers, and so on. Artificial intelligence is getting really exciting and hot now. Tech companies once again will lead the way in cutting-edge technology. That will lead to more recruiting. I think there will be a turnaround in the second half of this year.

Sam Friedman

My bold take is that we will see a new talent market emerge. A lot of what TA professionals are working with right now is a push to scale back on either fully remote or hybrid schedules. We’re seeing this return to the office.

You’ve had previously happy employees who’ve had that flexibility start to pick their heads up. They might be in great jobs, like the pay they’re receiving, or like the brands they are working for. But I believe that return-to-office will ultimately create this new talent marketplace. Those individuals who still want that flexibility and to be in charge of their day-to-day will pick their heads up for opportunities where they previously had it.

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Watch the full collaborative panel discussion to discover:

  • How to facilitate a mindful selection process using AI and assessments
  • The importance of authentic employer branding 
  • How to elevate the candidate experience 
  • Insights into remote work and workplace flexibility 

Access the webinar here