AutoFi Showcases Culture & Employee Development to Strengthen Employer Branding

AutoFi Showcases Culture & Employee Development to Strengthen Employer Branding

Fifth in the Tech Employers Leading the Way Series

Editor’s Note: Tech Employers Leading the Way recognizes companies that innovate and work to improve the hiring experience for both their hiring managers and the tech candidates they seek. In this series, we’ll dive into what works for them and what they’ve learned. Sharing these stories and learnings supports our company vision to make hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent.

Hired’s List of 2023 Top Employers Winning Tech Talent highlighted companies across a variety of segments and industries creating tech hiring processes and experiences embracing principles such as equity, efficiency, and transparency. 

Among those leading the way is AutoFi, which improved its 2022 rank of 40th on 2022’s List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent to 10th overall on our 2023 list of North American small businesses (1-299 employees). 

Meagan Dion, Lead Technical Recruiter, shares how AutoFi maintains a strong employer brand and builds its talent pipeline.

About AutoFi

AutoFi is the leading provider of sales and finance technology in the automotive industry, driving innovation by simplifying the way cars are bought and sold. We empower automotive clients, such as car dealers, manufacturers, marketplaces, and lenders, with cutting-edge technology that creates a seamless and efficient car buying experience. 

Joining us means being part of a dynamic team shaping the future of automotive retail, where your contributions directly impact the way people buy and sell cars. We foster a collaborative environment encouraging creativity and growth, making AutoFi an exciting place to work and be part of something transformative.

What are some of AutoFi’s strategies for maintaining a strong employer brand?

Maintaining a strong employer brand involves showcasing a positive work culture and emphasizing employee development. It’s important to be transparent about company values and achievements. Offering competitive benefits, promoting work-life balance, and creating a collaborative environment helps attract top tech talent. 

As businesses evolve, talent strategies do too. How have your strategies shifted in the last 12 months? How do you plan to shift your strategies in 2024? 

Hiring strategies have shifted toward optimizing existing talent and leveraging technology for efficiency. Due to current market conditions, we are more focused on strategic workforce planning and recruiting has shifted to focusing on building talent pipelines and using contractors. 

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How has Hired supported your hiring strategy?

Hired has provided a curated pool of top tech talent. It has helped accelerate the hiring pipeline, enhance our employer brand, and attract specialized talent to contribute to building a high-performing tech team. 

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