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Hired's new report for State of Software Engineers in UK and Cross Border Trends

2022 State of Software Engineers: UK and Cross-Border Trends

  • Top issues and trends for software engineers 
  • Most in-demand skills and roles
  • Salary data for software engineers in the UK and nearby European countries

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About this Report

At Hired, our mission is to surface the best tech talent anywhere to help you fill your open roles and progress on DEI goals. But how?

Our platform expanded beyond traditional tech markets this spring to include actively-engaged, curated talent around the world.

We partnered with HR global marketplace leaders like Remote and Oyster, to help employers take the next step after surfacing talent on our platform. These partners help guide employers with specifics on workplace and hiring protocol, as well as HR compliance in payroll and other tasks.

Based on our annual State of Software Engineers report, this content focuses on software engineers in the UK, as well as France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sweden. With data shared from our partner, Oyster, we bring new insights to recruiters and employers seeking to expand talent teams in these areas.

Containing loads of resources for attracting and hiring remote tech talent, this content also helps you navigate global recruitment and personalise your strategy for various regions.

Are you a software engineer in the United Kingdom interested in a new role? If so, we have a lot of information for you too! We share the top countries eager to hire UK tech talent. We also dive into where remote demand is accelerating the fastest and average salaries.

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