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January 26, 2021

Beating pedigree bias: why tech teams should hire for skills, not labels

Pedigree bias has long plagued the recruiting landscape. All too often, hiring teams seek sameness: targeting candidates with Ivy League degrees and Fortune 500 work experience. In doing so, they...

December 06, 2018

Ready to Shuffle Up Your Tired Interview Process?

When the top brass comes in to your HQ for a board meeting, who’s invited? More specifically, who from the talent organization is invited? Hopefully, someone on your team gets that coveted seat at...

November 02, 2018

Improve Close Rates By Offering Your Candidates a "Reverse Interview"

Experienced recruiters love to say in any interview, the candidate is also assessing you. That you need to balance technical assessment alongside selling the opportunity, making sure the candidate...

August 31, 2018

Greenhouse's Director of TA Uses These 3 Recruiting KPI Buckets

When you’re not busy sourcing, emailing, phone screening, and debriefing upon your next great hire, there’s a pretty good chance you live inside your ATS. Well, I’m thrilled you’ve all taken a quick...

June 08, 2018

Advanced Interview Calibration with Patreon's Director of Talent Acquisition

Eli Hamel has got his work cut out for him. 75 hires to make in 2018, another 125 in 2019, explicit company-wide diversity goals, and a lean talent team with which to do it. To get the long and...

April 19, 2018

Removing Recruiter Hurdles, as Told by Top HR Leaders

Have you ever had to chase around uninterested hiring managers, harangue interview panelists to fill out scorecards, or ping-pong back and forth with HR to move an offer letter up $5k?...