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An engineering manager (EM) oversees a team of engineers. This position provides technical leadership to a team of engineers that he/she oversees. The specifics of the role can vary depending on the type of company that the engineering manager works for. However, some duties are relatively consistent across the board. For example, an engineering manager frequently collaborates with managers from other departments such as marketing and production to discuss the specifications and requirements of the project. The engineering manager also plans and oversees the work on the project to ensure its quality as well as its timely completion. The role of the engineering manager is usually performed by someone with experience in the engineering field. This role requires competencies in many areas such as project planning and installation, testing, maintenance and repairs. People in this line of work should also be analytical and resourceful.

Engineering combines many different disciplines such as math, science and economics with practical knowledge to create, maintain or improve various things like machines, tools, materials, structures, systems and even organizations. Engineering has many different branches within it. Some of the most common types of engineering fields include chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Within each of these branches, there are even more specialized fields. For example, under the category of civil engineering there is structural and environmental engineering. An engineering manager should exemplify leadership skills and have a high level of knowledge in the particular area of engineering that is required for the company.

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