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Engineering managers work in senior positions where they direct, plan and coordinate the activities of a team of engineers. They are responsible for overseeing the development of new products while making detailed plans and developing new procedures. The duties of an engineering manager may also include hiring, training and mentoring new staff.

Engineering managers work an average of 40 hours a week and sometimes over the weekend. They coordinate production and quality assurance and also oversee the production. Engineering managers may write monthly or yearly performance reviews as well as develop cost estimates for a new project. Other duties include establishing operative procedures, reviewing contracts and preparing budgets.

Living and Working in Seattle

Seattle‰Ûªs reputation as a center for successful tech start-ups like Amazon has made it a popular pick for many businesses. The city boasts a thriving tech and gaming industry. But in addition to this, Seattle also the eighth largest port in the country and a booming financial industry with companies like Vulcan Inc. and Capital One. Outside the office, Seattle offers a little of something for everyone. The city is home to dozens of attractions, including popular landmarks like the Woodland Park Zoo, Space Needle and Seattle Center.

Seattle is also home to several neighborhoods‰ÛÓeach offering a unique experience. Ballard is a historic neighborhood famous for its Farmers Market and Golden Gardens Park. Queen Anne offers a nice, quiet residential experience while University District is a student-oriented neighborhood with theaters, cafes and pubs.

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