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Recruiting Daily and Capital One Talk Key Talent Acquisition Trends

An HR Tech CEO, a beloved talent acquisition influencer, and a Senior Director of Technology walk into a livestream.

I forget the punchline, but the result is 45 minutes of unremitting recruiting insight.

Recently, Hired’s fearless leader Mehul Patel played host to Recruiting Daily President William Tincup and Capital One Senior Director of Technology James Peel. The three panelists engaged in an unscripted fireside chat about emerging trends in the talent acquisition space as well as exclusive insight into how one of the top enterprise brands thinks about building quality candidate pipeline. If you want to cut to the chase, we pulled out some of our favorite snippets below.

Recruiting Takes a Village

Here, James explains how Capital One encourages an all-hands-on-deck recruiting strategy. By getting recent grads back on campus for university recruiting and having hiring managers tell stories of interesting projects they’re working on, Capital One is blending the best facets of community engagement, employee referrals, and employer branding.

Employer Branding Repellent

Speak of employer branding, and employer branding it doth appear. Below, William Tincup explains some of the origins of employer branding, as well as it’s peak function as both a repellent and attractant. William argues a candid employer branding strategy will appeal to the candidates who are looking specifically for a culture like yours, while simultaneously scaring off the people who wouldn’t be happy at your organization.

Internal Mobility & Career Development

From employer branding, the conversation veered to the ballooning responsibilities leading recruiters into the realm of career counselors. On the candidate side, the past several years have seen a growing focus on how a given role fits into long term career goals. As a result, a key part of presenting your opportunities will include what the growth plan for the role is down the line. As James explains, having examples of candidates who grew from the role you’re currently looking to fill, or sharing examples of a hiring manager’s vision for the growth of the team, are both good ways to prove you’re not all talk when it comes to fostering employee development.

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