7 London Companies Hiring Software Engineers Right Now

7 London Companies Hiring Software Engineers Right Now

Regardless of your experience level, London is a great place to be if you’re looking for a software engineering job – with companies in all sectors and of all sizes competing for top tech talent. Software engineering salaries are good evidence of this, having been on the rise over the last few years—indicating that the demand for developers is outpacing supply. Whether you’re deep in the job search or just starting to look at what’s out there, here are a few London companies looking to hire engineers right now.


A big player in the challenger bank space, Monzo has built not only a strong consumer brand, but also a good reputation as a London employer. And business is booming in the UK, with Monzo owning more than half of the challenger bank market in its home country. 

But there’s still plenty of room to grow, between taking more market share away from traditional banks and expanding to international markets. If creating new consumer financial products—and getting them into the hands of people across the world—gets you excited, Monzo might be the place for you.


Transferwise, another fintech darling which made its initial mark in low-cost international transfers, has recently started expanding into banking. And because the company is inherently international, it’s rapidly rolling out these new offerings across geographies

While Transferwise is headquartered in London, the company has 13 offices across the world, so it’s worth looking into if collaborating with a truly international fintech team is of interest. 


Headquartered in Edinburgh but spread across Europe, Asia, and the US, Skyscanner opened a new London office not long ago—and the team there is growing quickly. The company also just announced a rebrand with a focus on sustainable travel, so it’s clear that Skyscanner isn’t falling behind the times despite being around for more than 15 years. 

With the massive amounts of data Skyscanner crunches for users, it’s no surprise they’re bulking up their tech team. If building tools to make travel stress-free sparks your interest, it’s worth a look.


You probably have ordered a late night snack or lazy brunch on Deliveroo, but your go-to delivery service may be your next best career move. Unsurprisingly, given the entire platform hinges on seamless ordering, tracking, and delivery, Deliveroo is keen to get top technical talent on board—and you might even get a chance to do a few deliveries to mix up the work days.


While Expedia is far from a startup at this point, employees still have complex challenges to tackle, from creating the best traveler experience to building amazing tools for lodging partners. And its London office seems to garner great reviews from employees—for a number of reasons, not least of which is a generous travel allowance once you’ve been with the company for more than a year.


Another top challenger bank, Revolut launched with a slightly different tactic, first focusing on international transfers and payments (as opposed to just a slick brand and app experience). A few years on, the company now offers budgeting and savings products as well, and is expanding stateside soon, making it an exciting time to jump in.


While London may be known for fintech, that doesn’t mean there aren’t innovations to be had in other sectors. Babylon, which offers on-demand GP appointments for a fee, took one of the more frustrating things about accessing healthcare in the UK and digitized it—and eventually hopes to replace the doctor on the other end of the screen (almost) entirely. 

While at first glance the Babylon app might look like a simple platform connecting patients and doctors, there’s a lot of work to be done on the AI and machine learning side of things, which is a great opportunity if you’re passionate about the intersection of cutting edge technology and health.