About Hired

Hired (hired.com) is a marketplace that matches tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies. Hired combines intelligent job matching with unbiased career counseling to help people find jobs they love. Through Hired, job candidates and companies have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities and job details. This level of insight is unmatched, making the recruiting process quicker and more efficient than ever before.

About the Hired Scholarship

The Hired Scholarship offers a $5,000 award for each fall and spring semester.

Eligibility Requirements

The Hired Scholarship is open to undergraduates and graduate students currently registered at an accredited 2- or 4-year college or university in the United States. There is no specific major or GPA requirement.

How to Apply

To apply, write an essay (3 to 5 pages, 12 pt. font, double spaced) focusing on one of the following essay topics:

  • How can employers guard against bias in the hiring process?
  • How can employers eliminate salary & wage gaps?
  • Why should employers create inclusive, equitable and diverse places of work?
  • How can technology help candidates find jobs they love?

Submit your scholarship application to the Hired Scholarship Committee via email to scholarship@hired.com with the essay attached, and include the following information in the body of the email:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Your school, major and graduation date

Selection Process and Notification

The Hired Scholarship Committee will review all submissions and the scholarship award winner will be notified via email. The winning essay may also be posted on the Hired.com blog.

Judging Criteria

The Hired scholarship committee will review the submissions to select the applicant with the most thoughtful essay answers.

Additional Details

The $5,000 Hired Scholarship is non-renewable, and recipients are only eligible to receive the scholarship once during their lifetime. By applying, you agree to assign to Hired all rights to your submission, including the signing of contribution agreement, whereby Hired assumes full rights of the written essay submission. All personal information provided by the scholarship applicants will only be used for purposes related to the Hired Scholarship.

Note: Please do not include any information in your submission that you do not agree to be subject to these publicity rights. Please review the Official Rules for all terms and conditions of submissions.

Deadline for Submission

The submission deadline is 12:00 a.m. PST on July 15, 2019 for the fall semester scholarship award and 12:00 a.m. PST on November 15, 2019 for the spring semester scholarship award.


Any questions about the Hired Scholarship can be directed to scholarship@hired.com


No purchase necessary. Signing up for the Hired Service will not increase your chances of winning. Void where prohibited. The Hired Scholarship will be offered twice during the 2018 year, the first term submission deadline will be 12:00am PST on June 1, 2018, and the second term submission deadline will be 12:00am PST on October 1, 2018, for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2018 semesters, respectively; and is open to full-time students who met the eligibility requirements set forth in the Official Rules. At time of entry, applicants must be (a) enrolled as a college or university student and (b) a legal U.S. resident (of one of the 50 United States or D.C.), including those on visas available for international students. Eligible entries will be reviewed by a panel of individuals within the Hired, Inc. organization, with one applicant per term eligible for the awarded scholarship. Only one award will be given for each term, with two terms in total for the 2018 year. In submitting an application and application materials applicants grant to Hired a fully paid, perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide license to publicize, reproduce, and modify the application and application materials as Hired may so choose.