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Early-Stage Recruiting, Being an HR Visionary, & More: Talk Talent to Me February '24 Recap

Early-Stage Recruiting, Being an HR Visionary, & More: Talk Talent to Me February '24 Recap

Listen in on February 2024 episodes of Hired’s Talk Talent to Me podcast for insights into:

  1. Being an HR visionary with Lorraine Ortiz, First Internet Bank Chief People Officer Lorraine Ortiz
  2. Early-stage recruiting with Jamie Sterrett, Primary Ventures VP Talent 
  3. “Human energy” in HR with Julie Flowers, Chevron Director of HR & Talent Development 

1. Lorraine Ortiz, Chief People Officer at First Internet Bank

In this episode, Lorraine dives into staying comfortable versus trying something new, what she loves about HR and the recent developments in the industry, and why being future-ready is among her top priorities. She also discusses how to cultivate resilience in the workplace and create a culture that facilitates constructive conversations.

Listen to the full episode.

2. Jamie Sterett, VP of Talent at Primary Ventures 

Jamie offers insight into what it takes to be an early-stage recruiter, how talent professionals can level up the entire function of a business, and when companies should consider bringing on a full-time in-house talent resource. 

“Early-stage recruiting is not for everyone. When you are the first recruiter somewhere, you are wearing all of the hats.”

Listen to the full episode.

3. Julie Flowers, Director of HR & Talent Development at Chevron

The performance of any organization is unquestionably linked to its ability to tap into the “human energy” encapsulated in the talents, approach, and potential of every team member. In this episode, Julie shares pearls of wisdom from her 26 years with Chevron and offers insight into how the technology, high standards, and ethics at Chevron appeal to Gen Z candidates. She discusses how talent development boosts morale and improves company culture and why she believes HR is the human energy in progress that leads to success.

“As a leader, I need to [encourage, support, and reward]. As an employee, I’ve got to want to learn and grow. As a company, I’ve got to show that we’re building that type of culture. [Continuous development] takes all three of those things.” 

Listen to the full episode.

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