Why You Should Learn Javascript in 2018

Why You Should Learn Javascript in 2018

As a software developer, staying up-to-date with the latest tech and development is part of the job. That includes keeping in touch with the languages that are in demand and are effective for building the best software. There are a lot of great languages out there, but today we’ll take a look at why every developer should learn Javascript this year if they haven’t already.

Market Demand

To start, Javascript is hugely in demand. In fact, it’s one of the most in-demand languages of the year and is likely to remain so for some time. It has almost become a prerequisite for most technical roles these days and serves as a great foundation to help you keep up with other in-demand languages.

Think of it like how English is to the western business world. You can try to get by with other languages, but if you are not at least ‘conversational’ in Javascript you’re going to have a difficult time navigating today’s technical ecosystem. Even a little bit of Javascript experience can open doors to endless career opportunities.

The Language of the Web

Javascript is the language used to write client-side code in the browser. If you want to write any sort of interaction on a website or web application, it’s going to be in Javascript.

Sure, there are branches of other languages that can write browser interactions, but at the end of the day they all compile down to Javascript. With the importance of web-based services, Javascript has secured a place that’s not going away anytime soon.

This is a huge reason to keep in mind, as Javascript effectively has a monopoly on front-end web development. If you want to develop any sort of browser-based front-end, you’re going to be using Javascript.

Server and Client

With the emergence of Node, Javascript has become a popular server-side language as well. This is a great benefit for a lot of developers, as they can use the same language and technologies on both the front and back end. It also opens a whole new realm of Javascript development that has become extremely popular.

This is a huge benefit and can save time over learning two separate languages. Being able to reuse knowledge on both ends of software has swayed many companies to start using Node. It also means you as a developer can focus less on learning a new language and more on the aspects of back-end development, such as database management and security issues.

A Maturing Ecosystem

Javascript has also seen great bounds over the past few years in terms of development practices and support for more complex applications. With frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular, Javascript is able to handle complex development like a champ.

It’s also seen a lot of improvements in recent releases like ES6. New features add support, such as more traditional classes and async behavior that makes more robust development possible. With the continued releases and support, Javascript is sure to improve even more in the years to come.

A Large Community

Stack Overflow’s yearly survey shows that Javascript is the most popular language on their site. Being that Stack Overflow is one of the largest development Q&A communities, that says something about the language as a whole and it’s community.

Having a large community around a language means that support is always close at hand. This makes it both easy to learn as well as find support when issues inevitably crop up. It also lends a lot of assurance that a language will continue to be popular, as large communities lend a certain momentum to keeping a language alive and relevant.

This also means there’s a ton of great info out there to help get you start and learn the more complex aspects of the language. Want to learn a new Javascript framework? There’s likely to already be a tutorial out there to get you started, which saves tons of time in the early stages of learning it.

Javascript In 2018

While there are countless great languages out there, Javascript should definitely have a place in every developer’s repertoire. The demand for it speaks for itself and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Learn Javascript today, and you’ll be positioned with the skills needed to adapt to the software industry for years to come.