Tech Candidate Spotlight – Gian Frangiamore, iOS Engineer in the UK

Tech Candidate Spotlight – Gian Frangiamore, iOS Engineer in the UK

Tech Candidate Spotlight – Gian Frangiamore, iOS Engineer in the UK

Can you share a little bit about your educational background? 

For the most part, I’m self-taught. I did join a bootcamp that taught me the basic fundamentals of software development. Shortly after, I found my first job as a software developer through an apprenticeship. 

What has made the biggest impact on your tech career? 

I’d say developing my own app was the most impactful. Not only did I learn a lot along the way, but it also gave me something to showcase when applying for jobs and to speak about when interviewing.

What would you like to learn more about?

At the moment I’m very focused on my iOS career. However, I am interested to see what kind of impact Apple’s Vision Pro will have on the industry. When the first iPhone launched, it didn’t even have an App Store. Now, look at where we are. Maybe this will open up a whole new career path – visionOS engineer. Who knows!

What led you to pursue a career in tech?

I’ve always been interested in anything to do with tech. Like many others, I was the go-to IT guy in the family (really all I did was turn it off and on again!). I didn’t know exactly what career path to go down when I finished college. However, once I started learning about software development, it really interested me and here I am today!

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How has your skill set evolved over the course of your career?

I started out as a software developer working with a bunch of different languages and frameworks. That included JavaScript, Java, C#, and SQL to name a few. I started learning more about app development soon after. That’s when I found my love for Swift. I then decided to create my own app, which led me down the career path as an iOS engineer.

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For the past few years, I’ve mainly been focusing on iOS development. I’m really enjoying it. I think it’s amazing to have an app (or work on one) used by people all over the world!

How is your new role different from previous ones? 

The industry has shifted from housing to finance. But the roles are very similar. I’m still doing what I love, which is working on native apps for iOS.

In my previous roles, I’ve worked in small teams. I’m looking forward to working in a larger team at JPMorgan where we can bounce ideas off each other and learn from one another. I’m also excited to work for such a large and well-known company.

What was your job search experience like before you joined Hired?

I used LinkedIn a lot to apply for jobs and even reached out directly to the hiring managers sometimes. I was also in touch with a few recruiters who put me forward for roles. I had the odd interview here and there, but never really had much luck.

What’s your best advice for job seekers registered on the Hired platform? 

Try to fill in as much of your profile with relevant information as you can. This will give you the best possible chance and make you stand out from others. Also, make sure you’re responsive. It will show recruiters you’re active on the platform.

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What would you tell someone who’s curious about Hired?

Go for it! I was fortunate in that the first company that got in touch for an interview ended up being the one I joined. If you haven’t had much luck with your job search, give Hired a try. The same could happen to you so what do you have to lose?

Any general advice you’d like to give other tech professionals?

Try not to compare yourself to others. Focus on being the best you can be and always try to improve. At the same time, remember to take a break and enjoy life. 

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