Hired Tech Candidate Spotlight - David Achee

Hired Tech Candidate Spotlight - David Achee

After using Hired at a startup to find tech talent, David used Hired again to find his own remote software engineer role at Lattice

David Achee Software engineer at Lattice candidate spotlight Hired

Congrats on your new role! How did you first hear about Hired?

I actually first started using Hired as a hiring manager for a startup. I enjoyed the tool so much I decided to use it when I started the job search process myself.

How did you use Hired for getting a job? 

I applied to a lot of companies outside of Hired, but it was nice to know that I would get a steady stream of inquiries from Hired.

How long was the process and what was that like?

Honestly, the process was pretty quick. Lattice was the first company that I interviewed with in my job search, whether through Hired or not, and they were the first company I got an offer from. All told it was probably about a month from inquiry to accepting an offer.

That’s great! Did you work with a CX person? 

I don’t think I did this time, but I have with Hired before.

What’s a CX person?

The Candidate Experience (CX) team at Hired is on hand to support job seekers in their success on the platform. They provide expert coaching and resources to candidates to help them land their next dream role in a company they love. The CX team regularly reaches out via email and phone to offer guidance throughout a job seeker’s Hired journey as well as host educational webinars, share expert tips on getting profiles noticed and resolve any issues through the helpdesk.

Take advantage of any Hired resources?

No, I don’t believe so, this time.

What are Hired Resources?

Hired resources include lots of things, such as Hired partners, which provide community networking as well as services such as resume writing and online courses (some offer discounts to Hired candidates!). It’s also the Hired Support Center – the go to for any questions while using Hired, as well as a hub for best practices on how to be successful on the platform.

There are FAQs and video walkthroughs about onboarding, interviews, profile visibility, updating settings – the list is endless! There is also the option to submit a ticket where a member of the helpful CX team will reply as soon as possible. And don’t forget to check out the Hired blog, packed full of job seeker-focused content including insights into the tech hiring space and candidate testimonials.

How is Hired different from other platforms /marketplaces you’ve used? 

I used AngelList and I far and away got much better quality interviews from Hired. The companies on Hired seemed to match the more advanced stage of my career.

Did you use Hired Assessments?

I did, in my case I used them as a way to brush up on interview questions before doing them in a real environment.

How do Hired Assessments help job searches?

Hired Assessments are a great way to showcase your skills to employers. You can access these under the ‘Assessments’ tab once you log into your Hired account. Candidates will have 3 attempts within 72 hours to complete the assessment of their choice. If you score 80% or above your profile displays a badge of your accomplishment.

Candidates that earn a badge receive a greater number of interview requests, increase their chances of getting hired and are offered larger salaries. (Currently, assessments are only available to Software Engineering and DevOps candidates approved on the platform.) See how it works at the bottom of this page (video).

Had you heard of Lattice before Hired? 

No! But right away I was SUPER in to the company.

Would you recommend other job-seekers to use Hired to find their next role?

I would, and I have! A lot of my teammates at the time were interviewing, and I recommended it to all of them.

The Hired Referral Program

Hired offers a referral program for job seekers on the Hired platform to refer friends, family, and other people in their networks. Interested in the criteria? Watch how it works here:

About Lattice

Based in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY, Lattice helps companies streamline performance management processes through great software.

Tech Stack: GraphQL, React, JavaScript, Node.JS, Relay, PostgreSQL, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, CSS, React Native

Benefits: 401K matching, Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance, Unlimited PTO, Sabbaticals, Maternity/Paternity/Infertility benefits, Flexible work options, Tuition reimbursement, matching charitable donations, and more.

About Hired

Hired is the simplest, most efficient way to find a tech or sales role you love. Combining data with unbiased career counseling, Hired matches candidates with companies who respect their specific skills, goals, and values. Backed by the Adecco Group, Hired makes it easier for hiring to be more equitable, efficient, and transparent. Set up your free profile today and see for yourself. Your best career move could be one match away.

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