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Change Your Life – Become a Software Developer at Makers

Makers combines tech education with employment possibilities that transform lives. Makers is creating a new generation of tech talent who are skilled and ready for work, inspired by the idea of discovering and unlocking potential in people.
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Makers think differently

Courses offered

  • Software Engineering
  • Developer Operations (DevOps)

Courses type

  • Full-Time Courses

Present in

  • Remote
  • Western Europe

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What do I need in order to take part in the remote course?

When training remotely, each Makers student should make sure they have: A good internet connection, a comfortable space to work from, headphones and a microphone, registered for a free zoom account (https://zoom.us/), downloaded the zoom client from that page (Resources > Download Zoom Client)

What kind of employers hire Makers?

We work with companies big and small. Among our hiring partners are Tesco, Deloitte, British Gas, Financial Times, BBC, Monzo, and numerous others. We also work with a number of smaller companies, and our graduates are highly encouraged to look for jobs outside of our current hiring partners, as well.

In order for a company to become a hiring partner, they have to go through numerous steps: First, we evaluate a company, to understand whether it’s a suitable place for Makers. In doing so, we work with that company to understand their team environment, development practices and the things that make people successful there. Then, their tech leads come to Makers, meet some students and learn why they should hire from us, rather than (or alongside) hiring from a university. Once they understand what we’re about, we work with them to deeply understand their recruitment process, what they’re looking for and whether it’s effective at finding candidates. We will work with them where possible to improve their recruitment process. Hiring partners are invited to come back to Makers to pitch their company as a great place to work at our Careers fair. We don’t send any CVs (or recommend any Makers) until all of these stages are complete.

Do you consider applications from outside the EU?

Absolutely. We do have international students on the course in almost every cohort. We’ve had students from all over Europe, the USA, Asia and beyond – everyone’s welcome. The one requirement is that you obtain a visa stating that you have the right to stay in the UK during your time with us. We don’t sponsor applications and are not involved in the process however you can find support and various resources at the Government website gov.uk site

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