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Learn to code and change your life

CYF is a UK non-profit that trains refugees and other disadvantaged people to become developers and find work in tech. Students are trained in full-stack development by volunteer developers, with an emphasis on collaboration and product development.
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Learn to code and change your life

Courses offered

  • Software Engineering

Courses type

  • Full-Time Courses
  • Part-Time Courses

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  • Remote
  • Central/Eastern Europe

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Do you need any coding experience to join a CYF course?

No. Many of our graduates who had never coded before now have great jobs in tech. Our first course, the Intro to Coding, is designed for people who have never coded. If you succeed in this course, you can apply for the Full-stack course.

What certification will I get if I complete the full 8 month course?

We do not provide official certification. Please note: most coding jobs don’t require a certificate, only the ability to code to a provable standard, and the ability to work in a team. We will get you to the point of job readiness and guide you through the job interview process.

What level of English is required to take the course?

A good level of English reading and speaking is required. We can help you improve your English on the full 8-month course.

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