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Tech recruiting before Hired

After cycling through several tools to support their hiring process, Multiply turned to Hired. Describing his frustrations with prior recruiting tools, Multiply’s Business Operations Manager JP Fleuret says, “It didn’t work out because the caliber of candidates wasn’t great and candidate communication wasn’t smooth at all. It wasn’t flowing. We paid for one month and canceled.

One of the challenges I found with the other software is that when you look for engineers, there are a lot of people on the market at different levels. It was hard to find the right candidates who were applying for the right reasons.

However, because of the way Hired works, this was a lot easier. We decided to go for Hired and I don’t regret it at all.”

As a disruptor in the UK  financial technology space, Multiply strives to make financial planning and advice accessible to everyone. Understanding the importance of intuitive and streamlined technology for widespread adoption, they developed a platform combining automation with user-friendly dashboards and deep customer insights. This powerful blend empowers their clients, enabling them to support their customers in achieving financial wellbeing and goals. In their pursuit of a tech hiring solution, Multiply seeks the same efficiency, equity, and transparency their platform consistently delivers to businesses in the financial sector.

Hired brings efficiency to Multiply’s hiring process

After pivoting to Hired, Multiply saw gains across their hiring process – especially in efficiency. As someone newer to the tech recruiting field, JP was surprised by Hired’s ease of use. “It was the first time I was hiring for a tech company. Hired made it very easy for me to achieve my goals.”

The Hired team made things even easier for him. “If there was a candidate we were really keen on who hadn’t got back to us, the Candidate Experience Team was very good at reaching out to make sure we could get in touch with them. We had support from our Account Executive Emma and our Customer Success Manager Archie. Our weekly catch-ups are very useful.” 

“I was so pleased and so impressed with the whole process that I’m looking forward to the next hiring search because it was really easy.” JP’s ability to advance top-notch hires through the funnel in impressive time also caught the attention of leadership. He says, 

“I was congratulated by my CEO on how efficient the process was but I couldn't have done it without Hired. Hired made my life so easy.”

JP Fleuret

Business Operations Manager

Multiply uses Hired to advance DEI goals

Beyond a more streamlined hiring process, Hired supported Multiply in bringing on more talent from underrepresented groups. 

Passionate about reaching a diverse group of talent, JP explains, “I always try to give chances to people from underrepresented groups. Hired helped me connect with more diverse tech talent because of their DEI hiring features. That was refreshing.”

JP described how Multiply looks at the value of equity. The way he sees it, “It doesn’t matter what your background is, or what your experience is. It’s mainly about what you want to achieve as a person and if we can help you achieve those goals. 

We don’t like the term ‘culture fit’ at all. We prefer to speak about culture add. It’s because we want people to be themselves in the company and bring their background. That way, we become a better company thanks to them.”

Multiply makes their value and passion for equity clear from the very beginning of the interview process. JP says, “That’s why in the post-hiring process, we try to stick to those values and make sure people are aligned with what we’re looking for.”

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JP views his ability to include underrepresented groups in the search for tech talent on Hired as “a breath of fresh air.”

For Multiply, Hired is more than a recruiting tech tool; they’re a partner

JP considers Hired to be more than a tool; Hired is a partner. The platform’s abilities coupled with proactive customer support that cares position Hired as an extension of the Multiply team. 

JP explains, “I use at least maybe seven or eight vendors daily and it’s not always easy to get hold of the Customer Success Manager or the Account Executive. But with Hired, even between meetings Emma and Archie have dropped messages in Slack to see how it was going and are always available to get things done. [They] also provided us with regular reports on the state of the market to get an idea of where we were going.

It’s nice because that’s a personal touch, which makes it more interesting and more friendly… I know it’s their job to look after us but it did feel like they care [about us as] a company and about making sure we achieved our results.”


Note: Multiply earned recognition on Hired’s 2022 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent for hiring activity demonstrating efficient, equitable, and transparent policies and processes.

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