With a New Acquisition and Subscription Package, We’re Making Hiring More Predictable Than Ever Before

Innovative companies understand they can only be as successful as their people. That’s why hiring is one of the largest industries in the world. But in the age of rapid innovation, hiring has shifted from table stakes to a top executive priority, making hiring just as important as revenue for a company.  Indeed, CEOs know that if they can’t hire the right people at the right time, revenue is at risk.

In this new era of strategic hiring and talent planning, predictability has become an integral, but often missing, part of the equation. To fill this need and create a seamless hiring experience, we made a fundamental shift to our marketplace model with the launch of our new subscription service last year. Thousands of customers such as Dropbox, Nordstrom, Zuora and experienced the benefits of the Hired platform and asked us for ways to make their hiring process even more predictable, efficient, and measurable. Today, we’re fulfilling that need by announcing the next chapter in our journey to make hiring more predictable than ever before.

Transforming the Job Search Experience with Hired Assessments and Py Acquisition

Accurately measuring for intent and aptitude are two of the most important ways to increase hiring predictability. Hired has always provided a steady pipeline of high-quality tech talent actively seeking new opportunities, and now companies can rely on us to rigorously validate candidates’ technical performance, too. This means hiring teams can quickly determine which candidates are a good technical fit before sinking more hours into time-intensive interviews, culture fit evaluations and meet-and-greets.

“Hiring and talent planning is strategic for us and plays a key role in our business strategy here at Medium,” said Brian Zotter, Head of Product Engineering at Medium. “That’s why Hired’s dependable pipeline of tech talent coupled with Py’s technical assessments have been instrumental in transforming our hiring process, making it predictable, measurable and efficient. We’re excited about them joining forces and look forward to how Hired will continue to transform the way we approach hiring.”

That’s why we acquired Py, a Y Combinator company hat has over 500,000 users and built a suite of assessment and screening solutions trusted by companies like Opendoor, Wag, and Niantic to evaluate engineering talent. Py’s entire company is joining Hired effective immediately and both of its innovative products – Py for Work and the Py App – will now join Hired’s product suite.

“With Py founder Derek Lo, we saw a shared vision for making hiring easier for everyone,” said Andre Charoo, VP of Strategic Development at Hired. “For companies, this means helping them hire in-demand talent quickly and predictably, and for job seekers, it is about empowering them to land their dream job. By combining Py’s technical assessment expertise with Hired’s dependable pipeline of first-rate talent, we’re ready to transform today’s hiring standards.”

“As both a customer of Hired and Py, we’re thrilled to hear that they will be joining forces to continue making hiring predictable for companies,” said Marissa Huang, Head of Talent at Niantic Labs. “Hired enables our team to hire top tech talent while reducing our time to fill in an impactful way. With Py joining Hired’s product suite, our team will have multiple data points for a candidate’s skills (beyond their resume) that allows us to reduce bias and make more equitable hiring decisions.”

Py for Work will now be named Hired Assessments, which marks a momentous step toward achieving Hired’s vision for reimagining hiring. Hired Assessments includes online coding quizzes and challenges, real-world projects, and a ‘live code’ environment where hiring managers can view, rewind, fast forward and save live candidate challenges. Even better, Hired Assessments will provide standardized testing to reduce bias during the candidate evaluation process as well as customization, so companies with specific priorities and requirements can fine-tune assessments to meet their needs.

“One of the most powerful things about Py is its ability to benchmark candidates, it allows you to compare the performance of a given applicant against the overall industry. That’s unique value you can’t capture by doing everything in house.” – Austen Allred, CEO at Lambda School

Through Hired Assessments, we’re offering candidates an even better hiring experience, as well. Candidates can sign up for Hired Assessments on their own to practice coding exams and better prepare for the interview process. Those who complete a technical assessment will be fast-tracked through the interview process. Ultimately, Hired Assessments will deliver a more seamless interview process by unlocking time savings for candidates and helping them land their dream job more efficiently than ever.

We’re Launching Hired Essential to Provide the First Truly Predictable Talent Pipeline

Our mission to make hiring predictable doesn’t stop with Hired Assessments. When we brought our subscription service to market, our goal was to provide easy access to a pipeline of talent for our customers. Now, we’re taking it a step further with a tiered subscription model that delivers more value. Starting with our new base-level package, Hired Essential, companies will have access to features that makes hiring smarter, more predictable, and flexible.

  • Making Hiring Smarter: Not only can companies leverage our newly enhanced search functionality, they’ll hire faster with Hired’s intelligent job matching capability. The feature uses machine learning to auto-curate a list of qualified candidates for an open position, so the more companies use it the better their results. To reduce the impact of bias on hiring decisions, companies can also choose to mask the names and photos of their candidate matches.
  • Preparations Meet Predictability: With our new Interview Process Guides, companies can improve intro-to-close rates by helping candidates arrive well-prepared for the interview process. The overviews will clearly outline company’s hiring steps and expectations as well as tips for success. With our new Employer Brand Profiles, companies will also have the opportunity to show off their benefits packages before the interview process even begins. Data shows that candidates increasingly care about benefits, so taking a total rewards approach will help our customers attract top talent.
  • More Flexibility through Integrations: Hired has teamed up with Greenhouse, Workable, Jobvite and Lever to create seamless interview tracking processes for joint customers. These integrations give companies the flexibility to access a vetted pipeline of tech talent through an intuitive and flexible user experience.  

Between joining forces with Py and launching Hired Assessments to realizing the next phase of our subscription model with Essential, we’ve never been more bullish about Hired’s role in changing hiring forever. Through our blend of marketplace and SaaS approaches, we’re giving much-needed hiring predictability to companies at last.  This is just the beginning.