Why we Built Hired Essential and Launched Hired Assessments

We ended 2018 with having helped over 10,000 innovative companies hire and over 3 million job seekers find their dream job. We started the new year by announcing that we are making hiring more predictable than ever before. We have been innovating alongside our customers; both hiring teams and candidates asked us to go beyond just hiring and job searching. Today, we are happy to share that both Hired Essential and Hired Assessments are live and available for all of our hiring teams and candidates.

We grew our two-sided marketplace and became a talent platform

From sourcing candidates to successfully hiring candidates, hiring teams know how hard it can be to find top tech talent in today’s market. Specifically for hiring teams, we wanted to build on our value of hiring faster. For candidates, we wanted to add value across the entire candidate lifecycle and continue to transform the job search experience. Not only do we want to help with the job search, but also help candidates prep and better prepare for their interviews. Hired Essential and Hired Assessments mark a momentous step toward Hired’s product vision for a complete talent platform that reimagines hiring.

Hired Assessments help hiring teams better assess candidates, reduce bias and build world class evaluation processes

A critical step after sourcing candidates is assessing them to ensure they have the right skills for success.

Specifically, Hired Assessments will help hiring teams:

  • Save engineering hours by replacing initial live technical phone screens with automated technical assessments for all candidates. Companies have the option to have candidates do live challenges in real-time. If technical phone screens are a key process, candidates can also do live challenges in advance and review them during phone screens, which can be a great experience for the candidate.  
  • Standardize evaluation processes and reduce hiring bias with relevant, valuable and consistent questions that raise the hiring bar.
  • Benchmark and score candidates to easily surface top performers with real-time advanced analytics and insights.
  • Scale evaluation processes by building standard assessments from a library of quizzes and challenges. All questions are proprietary and can’t be found online.  
  • Customize challenges tailored to technical preferences so candidates are set up for success on the job.

Through Hired Assessments, we’re offering candidates an even better hiring experience as well.  Candidates can still sign up for the Py mobile app (Py for Work has been renamed to Hired Assessments) on their own to practice coding exams and better prepare for the interview process.

Hired Essential offers unlimited hiring on a predictable budget, helps hiring teams improve source to success efficiency and reduce the impact of bias on hiring

As we continue to help companies hire top tech talent faster, the velocity of hiring has grown on Hired. The innovation of Essential features emerged as important factors for many of our customers’ growth and success on Hired. Beyond a predictable talent pipeline, we also knew that we needed to offer hiring at a predictable budget.

Specifically, Hired Essential will help hiring teams:

  • Fill all existing technical headcount, future growth and unknown attrition on a predictable fixed budget. Teams can hire as many candidates as they need. Pricing is predictable when based on user seats.
  • Reduce unconscious bias with our Bias Reduction feature, to focus on information relevant to candidates’ ability to be successful on the job; mask names and photos from a list of candidate matches.
  • Expand reach with better enhanced search capabilities. Search candidates in multiple locations with radius filtering, select skills easily with typeahead, and quickly scan results with highlighted keywords and skills.
  • Stand out to top talent with an enhanced Employer Brand Profile. Highlight company philosophy on benefits and perks so that candidates can evaluate beyond salary.
  • Run real-time hiring pipeline metrics that include team and channel efficiency, candidate decline reasons by funnel stages for deeper analysis and individual hiring team member views to better understand funnel dynamics.

Through Hired Essential, we’re also offering candidates the ability to do a better job search. Candidates can:

  • Better manage their opportunities and quickly compare company offerings such as company tech stack, headquarters, top benefits, and base salary side by side.
  • Understand each company’s interview process including specific areas that will be assessed during the interview, what they will be evaluated on and the exact steps of the interview process. Companies will provide tips about each step and the inside scoop in our new Interview Process Guides.

We’re super excited about Hired Essential and Hired Assessments and hope that you continue to send us your questions and thoughts on how we can help everyone find a job they love and help companies find better tech talent, faster.

And stay tuned. Spoiler alert — we will have 2 additional product launches in 2019 and we’re looking forward to sharing more about this in the summer and fall months.