Good News for Hired Employers - We've Integrated with Slack

Hackathons are big at Hired, and for good reason – they bring employees together; they reinforce the right values; and they can leave you with lasting ideas and sometimes even products. Interestingly, some of our most viable Hackathon ideas have stemmed from the daily tools and apps our team uses. Our latest example – Slack, a messaging app that helps teams communicate, and widely popular amongst our employees, is now integrated with the Hired platform.

Slack and Hired share a similar philosophy in providing users with ease and efficiency – Slack on the communications front, and Hired on the recruitment front. This integration will make it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to communicate with each other on the Hired platform, which in turn will help them find and hire talent as quickly and efficiently as possible. It also allows for quicker communication between our team and candidates. For example, we can now get alerted in Slack as soon as a candidate accepts his/her interview request.

Slack- Hired

Here’s how Slack works on our platform:

1. Access your Hired account and go to the “Integrations” page
2. Then click “Connect” for the Slack Integration
3. Choose the desired Slack team that you’d like to connect to
4. Click the “Settings” link, and choose the events you’d like to post to your different channels

Today’s integration reflects just the latest in our ongoing commitment to find new ways to seamlessly innovate the Hired platform and meet the needs of our users. Stay tuned for more product updates and integrations down the road.