5 Companies Supporting LGBTQ+ Rights During Pride Month and Beyond

With Pride Month in full swing, we’ve seen a plethora of companies advocate for diversity, inclusion and LGBTQ+ rights. But, an authentic commitment to equality and inclusion goes beyond a rainbow logo.

Our annual Wage Inequality in the Workplace report reveals that LGBTQ+ men and women tech workers earn less than their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts. That's why this year, we are highlighting 5 companies that are doing more than just celebrating the LGBTQ+ community -- they’re making a real impact that outlasts the month of June.

1. Lime

Lime is partnering with the It Gets Better Project to share stories of freedom and inclusivity within the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Lime will donate $1 to the It Gets Better Project for each story and unique mention of the hashtag #UnlockPride shared on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram during the full month of June worldwide. To contribute: 

  1. Take a self-portrait
  2. Take a photo of a handwritten note sharing your Pride story of how you found a sense of freedom and be the inspiration you wish you had growing up
  3. Upload both photos to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter along with hashtag #UnlockPride

Lime’s mission for equality moves beyond this one campaign. In a recent report, Lime found their user base is 33% more likely to represent people of color and 43% more likely to represent female consumers than the average commuter. It's no doubt, equality starts with the product. And with Lime's mission to provide access to mobility for all, they're truly leading the way for equality in the transportation industry.

"As the global leader in micromobility, Lime is committed to providing sustainable, affordable transportation options that can transform urban life. Our goal is to not only improve the way people get around their communities, but to promote a cleaner, healthier planet – a better world and a better life for future generations. We are passionate about supporting our diverse riders and unlocking opportunities that allow them to open up their own world and experience more." - Alex Youn, Communications and Public Affairs, Lime

2. Levi's/Snapchat/Shopify

Admittedly, this isn’t just one company -- but Levi’s, Snapchat, and Shopify are joining forces this year to launch one of the most innovative pride month campaigns of the bunch. Starting June 7, anyone visiting one of 30 Levi’s locations will receive a Snapcode that unlocks a unique Levi’s Pride Lens in their Snapchat app.

This new AR-functionality will allow snappers to customize their own virtual denim jacket with six different pride month pins and patches. The patches and pins are more than just an opportunity for people to wear their pride - 100% of the company’s net proceeds from it’s Pride Collection (including these pins and patches) go to OutRight International, a leading human rights advocacy group that’s been fighting for LGBTQ rights across the world for the last 29 years.

Our partner, Shopify, is helping Levi’s fulfill their orders. The company is giving free 2-day shipping to anyone ordering through the Snapchat store so users can be on-time and pride-ready for their city’s parade.

3. AT&T

Since 1975, AT&T has been championing LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace. In 2018 they committed an astonishing $1,000,000 to the Trevor Project, allowing the Trevor Project to continue their mission of ending suicide for LGBTQ+ young people. They’ve powered their call centers, they’ve represented the organization at important social events, and are even producing LOVELOUD a music festival benefit with the sole goal to prevent teen suicide amongst the LGBTQ+ community.  

AT&T at Wango Tango 2018

AT&T has been a true leader in creating inclusive spaces, both at work and at home, for years. They were one of the first American corporations to adopt a policy prohibiting discrimination amongst employees based on sexual orientation. They were early adopters for domestic partnership programs, transgender-inclusive health care benefits, and most recently was ranked #1 on DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity in 2019.

4. Postmates

This month, Postmates is utilizing their popularity among consumers to spread the LGBTQ+ community’s message in an impactful way -- beyond a marketing program. Not only are they donating $10,000 to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to help HRC continue fighting for equal civil rights for LGBTQ+ people, they’ll be sharing stories from real people from the Postmates/LGBTQ+ community, every Monday for the month of June. Keep an eye on their “stories” page for inspirational stories of people living their true and authentic selves. In a recent story, we meet Steve, an Orange County local who’s pushing gender boundaries in a community that’s historically been reluctant to support LGBTQ+ rights.

Interested in working for Postmates? Check them out.

5. Orbitz

Orbitz has been a champion of LGBTQ civil rights since its founding in 2001. Beyond participating in pride parades across the nation, Orbitz is helping LGBTQ+ travelers find safe, reliable travel destinations through their “Gay Travel” feature and city guides. This year, Orbtiz is also hosting Pride Island - a multi-day music festival featuring the queen herself, Grace Jones.

As for Orbitz’s culture, before joining Expedia Group, Orbitz was named Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality by HRC. But it doesn’t stop there, their focus on equality continues, now under the umbrella of Expedia Group, an organization that has always been a strong advocate for equality. The company also published their internal compensation data in order to fight the wage gap and maintain global pay parity for all Expedia Group employees --  now that’s what I call championing equality.

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