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Search through a curated pool of highly qualified candidates, each vetted for experience, skills, and salary requirements. Use Hired's DEI features to surface underrepresented candidates (defined by the EEOC). Built on millions of successful matches, algorithms find only the best candidates for your roles, saving you time and keeping your timelines and your teams on target.

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Which skills do your hiring teams need? Ruby? Scala? Go? React? On Hired, upfront real-world skill assessments bring you the insights you need to find a better fit, faster. Searching for niche roles? No problem.

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Candidates' profiles display salary expectations and work preferences upfront for more transparent negotiations, saving time and avoiding unconscious bias in sourcing and salaries.

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Send customized assessments to candidates for free

Assess software engineer candidates' skills remotely with a free suite of customizable technical assessments. Run programming challenges in real-time or asynchronously, always with a complete coding playback. Expedite the tech assessment process across multiple time zones while optimizing candidate experience.

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Because Hired cuts multiple quarters out of the recruiting process, we bring in quality candidates faster. That has saved us a lot of time and money."

Mike Moriarty

Head of Global Staffing, Engineering

I go to Hired before I do anything else—before LinkedIn or even before applicants because I know there's so much quality and so much value. I definitely think with Hired, I have seen an influx of more skill sets and qualified candidates per skill set… It should be everyone's first tool."

Desteny Callahan

Technical Recruiting Manager

The market is so competitive, and one of the best things you can do is have a quick process. Hired helps us achieve that."

Lauren Hoe

Technical Recruiting Manager

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Making a global impact on diversity, equity and inclusion can't be done alone. That's why we partner with organizations and communities who share our vision for a future where everyone has equal opportunity to find a job they love. Our partnerships allow us to amplify our values, and accelerate towards much needed progress. Let us help you achieve your DEI goals!

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