Hired Goes Fully Remote: Championing Diversity, Flexibility and Progress

Today we’re excited to announce that Hired is officially transitioning to be a fully remote company. Like most companies, the pandemic forced us to quickly adjust to remote work, and similar to other companies around the world, we initially thought this would only be a temporary change. However, after a couple of months it became clear that not only could our teams continue working together in a remote setting, but that it had the potential of becoming our new approach to work rather than being tied to the daily expectation of coming into an office. 

Once we realized we could be equally — if not more — productive while working remotely, we started to consider making a permanent switch but wanted to dig deeper into how it would impact company culture and morale before making any long-term decisions. Over the past few months, we’ve conducted employee surveys, spoken with team members independently, and held company-wide meetings to collect candid feedback from individuals at every level of the organization about how remote work is working for the people that make Hired what it is. 

What we’ve learned is that people really value the flexibility they have while working from home, and they’ve appreciated the extra time they’ve gotten back in their day without commuting to the office. We’ve also seen how effectively we’ve been able to communicate, collaborate and operate across the organization — at all levels — while everyone is remote, without feeling like we are compromising our ability to deliver for our customers and candidates. Finally, after surveying our teams, we found that the majority of our workforce were in favor of continuing to work remotely.

Beyond our team’s desire to be a fully remote company and our ability to maintain business continuity, we recognize the importance of practicing what we preach. We know that remote work gives companies access to a much wider, more diverse talent pool so they can hire quickly while fostering an inclusive company culture. Remote work also unlocks the ability for employees to create a schedule that produces their best work and fosters a sense of ownership that is key to delivering results that have a meaningful impact on the business. 

We’re excited to be an early leader in the shift to permanent remote work and are confident this next chapter of our company’s journey will be the best yet.