H-1B Webinar by Brown Immigration Law

For the uninitiated, the H-1B quotas make no sense – nor should they.  This frenzy of activity in filing immigration paperwork is an unusual phenomenon not emulated by any other nation.  It’s akin to the great salmon spawning of the Pacific Northwest where fish hurtle themselves upstream just for the chance to create offspring!  With companies and their attorneys filing thousands of applications in a five day window (this year April 1-4, and 7th) to see which lucky applicant is matched with an available H-1 spot.

While quotas are important, it’s clear to our field, and many in Congress that the H-1 program is in need for additional review to ensure it is successfully supporting the economic needs of our country and those employers who rely on such skilled talent.  Frankly the quotas should be raised significantly, and the Senate Immigration Reform proposal from last June did just that, however, those in the House of Representatives have done nothing to move the issues forward.

As there is no “fix” at present, all we can do this year is ensure that all requested H-1s are filed on time and with the appropriate arguments and supporting documents to merit approval.  For workers in true tech positions, USCIS is overwhelming consistent in issuing approvals when such a case is selected in the lottery for adjudication.

In an effort to ensure we file the best application possible, we believe in educating our clients and ensuring they help us by both understanding the process and providing needed information when necessary.

For more information on this year’s lottery, and how the H-1 process works, please join us for a closed webinar (for Hired candidates), and be sure to read our outline for more details on this process  http://www.brownimmigrationlaw.com/?page_id=485

Update: For those of you who missed the original broadcast, you may access the recording at any time by visiting http://www.brownimmigrationlaw.com/?page_id=42 then click on “View prior webinars” to access the Gotomeeting archive recording.