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Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson
Amy is a freelance writer and editor interested in the intersection of business, science, and social justice. She earned her PhD in English Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has a particular fondness for '70s soul and Barbara Stanwyck movies.
December 21, 2017

Where to Begin When Opening a New Role

During the first two quarters of 2016, 63% of hiring was the result of newly created positions—and that number is likely to keep rising. Increasingly, companies find themselves thinking about...

August 11, 2017

Addressing the Challenges of a Blended Workforce

Whether they’re called talent management, people analytics, or good old-fashioned human resources, most forward-thinking companies have a team dedicated to adjusting to the “future of work.” And as...

July 06, 2017

Why Culture Fit Still Has a (Tiny) Place in Recruiting

The headlines collated in Human Resources Today tell the story of the rise and fall of culture fit in recruiting. In February of 2015, readers were introduced to “The New Hiring Mantra: Finding...

June 30, 2017

The Types of Unconscious Bias Affecting Your Brain (And Your Hiring) Part II

The consequences of unconscious bias in the workplace have been demonstrated again and again in studies, and they’re not small. To illustrate the effects of the well documented overestimation of...

June 29, 2017

Here's How Unconscious Bias Affects Your Brain (And Your Hiring) Part I

With each new report on American workplace culture, the reality of unconscious bias and the damage it does in the workplace gets harder to deny. Recent--and well circulated--reports out...