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The Future of Remote Work

Are Remote Tech Jobs Here to Stay?

The Guide to the Future of Work for Tech Talent

Are remote jobs here to stay - the future of remote work for tech talent

What You’ll Learn

  • What’s changed recently in remote work
  • A review of the types of remote work including definitions
  • What to expect in the coming months and years for remote roles
  • What data tells us about global remote hiring
  • What to look for or do to best support remote teams

About this eBook

Among the many changes to our daily lives from COVID-19, remote work is here to stay. Companies have accelerated their digital transformations increasing the need for new tech and sales talent as well as creating new opportunities to expand talent pools all over the world.

If you want to join in this movement as a remote worker, what should you know?

If you’re a hiring manager actively planning to globally distribute a team, how do you proceed?

This ebook covers the current landscape, where remote hiring is heating up, and what employers can do to make remote hiring a success.

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