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How Logikcull Works Smarter & Culls the Noise to Find Engaged Tech Talent


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Interview requests to underrepresented talent up 33%


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About Logikcull:

Logikcull is the go-to discovery platform supporting 1,500+ companies and 38,000+ users in the legal sector. On a mission to democratize discovery and accelerate disruption, Logikcull prioritizes impact and efficiency.


“I joined Logikcull and said, ‘We have to use Hired.’ I really like the platform. I think it's great for candidates and hiring teams. It really culls down the noise.”

Laura McDermott

Head of Talent

The Talent Acquisition Opportunity:

In tough hiring markets, companies are usually inundated with applications. Reducing friction in the application process often creates a new problem with loads of candidates entering the funnel. Teams are hard-pressed to sort through the volume of unqualified candidates or keep up with communications. 

Logikcull needed to cut through the noise to reach the right candidates for their open roles. Head of Talent at Logikcull, Laura McDermott says, “Especially nowadays, everything’s so noisy, whether it’s LinkedIn or even just your email. Being able to focus on true candidates looking for new roles, I knew [Hired] was a place where we’d be able to find top talent.”

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Specifically, Logikcull sought candidates with the desire to make a meaningful impact, the right experience, and a serious interest in the job search. Laura says, “When it comes to skills-based hiring, we’re looking for a lot of the skills other companies are too, whether it’s a machine learning [or] data focus. We’ve got some really big challenges when it comes to our technical skill set here.”

What’s different about tech recruiting with Hired

Hired helps Logikcull “find candidates who are a little bit more serious about their job search and what they’re actually looking for.” Reflecting on that “noise” in the job market, Laura says, “You can go on to LinkedIn… but you find thousands of people and you don’t even really know if they’re interested in a new opportunity or how their job search is going.” 

Hired narrows the talent search to surface select candidates who meet Logikcull’s needs. “The nice thing about Hired is we have fewer candidates to look through. We know they’re serious about finding a new job and there’s already mutual respect… We’ve had tons of success on Hired. We hired a bunch of people already this year from the Hired platform.”

Building diverse teams fosters innovation

Laura’s team also uses the DEI features on Hired’s talent platform. “When we start our searches, we use the “Diversity Goals” feature. We want to make sure we’re giving these profiles the fairest look and reducing our own biases in the process. Since they began using Hired’s DEI features a year ago, Logikcull’s increased interview requests to candidates from underrepresented groups by 33% and earned a 64% response rate.

Logikcull Maximizes ROI with Hired

As an experienced talent leader, Laura is familiar with the array of tools available to recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. When comparing Hired to ‘the other guys,’ Laura finds Hired reduces a lot of noise, is consistent, and places focus on long-term employee success and retention.

“We’ve worked with agencies in the past… but they’re expensive… Sometimes agencies push somebody too hard who’s not actually a good fit… [With] Hired, there isn’t any of that.” The platform frees her from navigating the conflicts and external pressures that often come with recruiting agencies.  

Even with LinkedIn, Laura finds it “really hard to find people… who are genuinely interested and describes success like lightning striking. It doesn’t happen very often. 

“With Hired, we feel more confident the time spent using the platform is going to actually get us results.” 

She puts it this way: “We can spend 20 minutes on Hired and find two to three high-quality candidates who will make it a lot farther in the process. Or we could spend all day on LinkedIn and find one or two.”

Candidates placed through Hired stay with their employer 18% longer than average.

The ROI from Hired isn’t limited to short-term benefits either. Hired fulfills Logikcull’s interest in long-term employee success over making a placement. Laura explains, “We really pride ourselves on the tenure of a lot of our employees. Many have been here 10+ years… We’re recruiting people who are looking for a career and not just a job to come in and bank a paycheck. We want people who are looking to grow. We want people who really want to be able to make an impact.”

These are the types of candidates on Hired. Laura sees alignment because Hired has “the kind of people who really buy into that, want to make a career, and want to grow and give to an organization. That’s been really incredible to see.”

The opportunity to source the right talent quickly means Laura and her team get time back in their day to focus on “on the candidate experience and helping [their] hiring managers.” Ultimately, Hired helps Logikcull work smarter (not harder) while promoting confidence in the teams they’re building. 

Hired Empowers Logikcull’s Talent Team with Transparency

Laura describes the transparency she finds on Hired as a missing piece in other sourcing tools. “Clear examples of people’s work history and what they’re looking for” help her be proactive instead of “throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping it sticks.” 

Often recruiters are unsure of exactly what people are looking for and question whether candidates will be a good fit and become a long-term employee. On Hired, talent professionals enter candidate conversations prepared with knowledge of their work preferences and desired salary. Laura says, “I love that Hired gives us the opportunity to have insight into candidates before [outreach begins].”

Logikcull and Hired Partner Beyond the Talent Marketplace

Logikcull and Hired’s partnership extends beyond the talent marketplace. Recently, Logikcull participated as a sponsor in the 2023 Get Hired Summit, a virtual candidate event and Hired’s largest gathering of tech talent. 

Logikcull’s VP of Engineering helped lead a panel discussion and the company had the chance to interact directly with the 4,000+ attendees. Laura recalls how it “was a really great event” and an invaluable opportunity to “really talk to candidates and answer their questions on this larger group forum” while showcasing Logikcull as a top tech employer

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