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Hired helps MediaRadar efficiently source high-quality sales talent

Hired helps MediaRadar efficiently source high-quality sales talent, making life easier for their account teams
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About MediaRadar:

MediaRadar is a sales enablement and sales intelligence platform for media and ad tech companies. MediaRadar helps customers get an inside look on where brands are spending ad dollars, leverage data to create a solid sales pitch, and win new accounts.


There's a lot of pressure to fill sales roles for a sales organization and if we're not staffed six months out from our quarter, we don't have people ramped up. Knowing [Hired] is there and I find 70% of sales new hires every year from [it], it's really reassuring and makes life easier.

Elizabeth Flood

VP of HR

The Opportunity:

In a competitive and saturated market, MediaRadar’s challenge of getting people to understand the platform ecosystem and company operations during the hiring process only added more difficulty. With Hired, the team was able to “get in front of talent” and better evaluate candidate alignment quickly. 

How Hired Helps

MediaRadar VP of Human Resources, Elizabeth Flood, described Hired as a gamechanger for sourcing their Sales talent. Simply, the platform offered quality candidates in the volume she needed to fill roles. 

As Elizabeth shared, “The power of Hired is knowing you are going to get responses from people. Whether it’s a yes or no, you will know where you stand. You are able to interact directly rather than going through a third party. People sign up to be part of this [marketplace] so we get a much stronger return on outreach and hiring success. On the sales side we’ve grown at least 30% and most of that hiring has come in the last eight months and predominantly through Hired.”


Elizabeth appreciates having all the candidate information upfront – even compensation. This level of transparency saves her time, keeping both the company and the candidates on the same page. 

Elizabeth also valued Hired’s ability to advance MediaRadar’s DEI initiatives. MediaRadar has been recognized for its DEI efforts and leveraged Hired’s Bias Reduction Mode feature to focus evaluations solely on skills and experience. Elizabeth considers it “very meaningful to MediaRadar that this feature exists in Hired’s product.” 

Throughout her experience using Hired, Elizabeth felt supported by the Customer Success Team. She said, “They are not just there to answer questions, but are also offering value. I know what I’m doing on the platform but it is great to see them reminding me I forgot we had a candidate or there was one we just missed. They’re proactive, responsive, and really good people to work with.”

As a result of the accelerated growth in hires Elizabeth has through the Hired platform, she concludes “it just makes life easier. The product does not require extra training. It’s intuitive and self explanatory.” 

She adds, “If you are not on Hired’s platform once a day, you are going to miss out. The product does a great job of putting together great outreach.” 

Hired helps MediaRadar efficiently source high-quality sales talent, making life easier for their account teams


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