Feature Spotlight: Interview Process Alerts and Engineering Manager Positions

How frustrating is it to lose a great candidate to another company mid-process? Hearing this same pain from many of our Hired customers led us to recently launch Interview Process Alerts that help employers know where candidates stand with other companies so they can take action accordingly. We’ll cover this feature in depth as well as the launch of engineering manager positions in this month’s installment of the Product Feature Spotlight.

What are Interview Process Alerts?

Essentially, Interview Process Alerts are emails that provide a little bit of insight on candidates that can help you stay aware and competitive before a candidate accepts another offer.

If you have an open position that you are actively interviewing candidates for, you will now receive an email alert for any candidate that has reached offer stage or interview stage with another (anonymous) company. To protect both candidate and company privacy, company names, logos, or salary offered are not specified.

Once you get an alert, action is recommended to move a candidate along, depending on where they stand in your interview process. It pays to act quickly. You can send a message to check in with the candidate, schedule another interview, change the stage of the candidate in Hired or your ATS, or reject the candidate. Action will help the candidate know you are still involved and interested, and may make them think twice about their other offer.

Competition already happens in the marketplace, but this additional piece of intel will help you stay in the game.

Now supporting Engineering Manager positions

We’ve recently improved the ability for Hired customers to find manager talent for engineers. Candidates will be able to select types of engineering roles that they have managed (mobile, application, search, etc), assign a number of years of experience, and identify themselves as specific level of managers (Engineering Manager, Director, VP). When companies create positions, they will be able to select these distinctions as well to narrow their matches to those with their preferred management expertise.

Stay tuned next month for more exciting updates. Be sure to log in and check out these new features today.