Introducing a New Way to Find a Job in a New City

Your next dream job may be in a different city.  Live in Chicago, but looking to move to tech-fueled Silicon Valley?  In San Francisco, but want to join the hustle and bustle of Manhattan?

We’ve just launched features to support job seekers looking to move.  When you sign up for Hired, you’ll be able to specify areas you’d like to work in, and employers will be able to better target you with relevant jobs in those locations.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.08.10 AM

For all our employers out there, you’ll find a brand new page to browse candidates after you log in.  On the right-hand column, you can filter by job roles you’re looking for as you always have, but now you can also filter by locations you’re looking to hire for.

We’ve also completely rebuilt this page from the ground up – there’s a sparkling new interface and the page is cleaner and snappier.  Once you click a location or job role filter, the page automatically updates.  No waiting and no refreshing.  All keyword searches also instantly update the page.

location buckets screen

These features are all live on the site today – go check them out!  And be sure to look out for more exciting product releases from us over the coming months.