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Alexa Lebowitz

Alexa Lebowitz

Alexa leads the Partnerships Team at Hired. She’s deeply involved in building strategic alliances, leveraging diverse channel partners, and setting a clear vision through strategic planning. Her focus on business development ensures Hired is always on the lookout for new opportunities to drive growth. As Senior Manager of Partnerships, Alexa is committed to driving success for Hired and its partners, solidifying Hired’s position at the forefront of innovation and excellence in tech and sales recruitment.

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The Power of Integration: 4 Reasons Why Your ATS and Hired Are Better Together

Streamline your hiring workflow and increase your placement rate! When companies deploy an Applicant Tracking System (or ATS) integration, they simplify process tracking to maximize efficiency. Keep reading to discover what your company can accomplish by integrating Hired with your ATS. Combining your systems takes just a few minutes and we highly recommend setting this up before reaching out to...

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