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How Namely is building a better workplace

We recently sat down with Mattan Bitner, Engineering Manager at Namely, to learn about their growing engineering team and to better understand what he looks for when assessing candidates in the interview process. In talking with Mattan, we learned much more than his favorite interview questions; we uncovered how Namely’s human culture, impact-driven projects, and transparency motivate employees to build better workplaces.

People-first culture

Ask anyone what their favorite part about working at Namely is and the answer is always the same: the people. Based on their values-driven approach to interviews – that’s no coincidence.

Mattan shares, “When we interview, we look for our B.E H.U.M.A.N values- Be yourself, Expect excellence, Help Each other, Unite around our mission, Make our clients heroes, Act as an owner, Namely Cares. For that, we’ll always ask candidates how they make an impact/lead a change in their organization.”

This values-driven interview process aligns employees with a common set of motivations and allows for diverse perspectives to shine through. With six Employee Resource Groups and a clear commitment to inclusion, Namely’s diversity allows the company to build the best product for their customers.

Projects that drive impact

Namely’s team of engineers not only values diversity, but also craves ownership. Self-driven and self-motivated, this team lives the value “Act as an owner.”  By pairing this mindset with regular check-ins with their managers, engineers are able to track their career path and match the challenges they own with their specific career goals.

It’s easy to be motivated by the big-picture challenges the engineers work on each day. For instance, the end of the year is a crucial time for the Payroll and Benefits teams – delivering the features that will allow companies to close their financial year and start a new one seamlessly. In addition to advances in Payroll and Benefits, Namely is investing heavily in a newly architected Data Platform, which enables their clients to create dynamic, custom insights specific to their needs!

At 450 employees globally, Namely is at a very exciting place in their growth. Their size allows for the best of what both Big Tech and startups can provide engineers. “We’re big enough so anything we deliver impacts many customers, but we’re small enough to move quickly, and let you own and lead” Mattan says. By giving engineers ownership and tying projects to developing personal growth and mission-critical challenges, Namely engineers have a big impact. 

Radical transparency

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a company that values ownership and accountability would also invest in transparency throughout the organization. Mattan boasts, We share everything with our employees! All employees receive an email whenever a new client signs up, including financial info and implementation details.”

More than just email policies, Namely’s transparency comes all the way from the top-down. Mattan notes, “Our CEO shares critical information with us in monthly All Hands meetings, before meeting with the Board, and is always open for any questions.” Namely has found that this transparency has created an engaged workforce that is excited to contribute to the company mission.

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“Namely creates an environment for engineers to grow and feel the impact of their work. Our core values, exemplified with our motto #BEHUMAN, connects to our mission to help our customers succeed, work closely together, and strive for excellence.”
– Michael Hamrah, Chief Architect