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How Hired Works

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    Once approved, we'll invite you to participate in an exclusive marketplace.

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    Get competing interview requests with hourly rate and project details upfront.

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    Choose the projects that interest you and set up interviews with the decision maker.

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    Pick the project that's right for you and receive a $300 bonus from Hired after you work 500 hours.

Why Hired?

You're in demand. Shouldn't the best companies come to you with interesting projects? We think so. That's why Hired is changing the way you find your next contract job with a faster, more transparent discovery process that puts you in control with hourly rate upfront.

Why should I work as a Contractor?

Get paid more
Get Paid More
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Your Secret is Safe With Us

We'll hide your profile from current and past employers, or any company you designate. You'll only be seen by approved employers on Hired for up to two weeks or until you accept a contract gig you love.



What is Hired?

Hired is a two-sided marketplace that connects people looking for contract roles with employers who want to hire them. Candidates in the contract marketplace receive multiple, non-binding interview requests to begin conversations with employers that usually lead to competing formal offers.

How much does it cost to use Hired?

Hired is free for contract candidates. Once you have billed 500 hours to a client, we'll send you a $300 signing bonus as a thank you.

How do I apply to get on Hired?

Creating a Hired profile is easy. Simply complete a short form and submit for approval. If your application is approved, you'll be notified and asked to confirm your participation in a 1 - 4 week batch during which your profile will be visible to employers.

How is Hired different from working with a recruiter?

On Hired, decision-makers reach out to you directly. Recruiters are never involved and you're in control of the job search process from start to finish.

Why Hired again?

For starters, recruiters are expensive and never transparent. We put the money in your pocket and have created a more efficient, streamlined, and flexible marketplace for you to continuously find projects you love.

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