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About Machine Zone, Inc.

Leveraging live data to change the way the world experiences data

Whether it’s powering our MMO games, helping companies maximize ROI on their marketing spend, or enabling entire industries to become massively more efficient, we are changing everything with live data.

We set out to build something that had never been developed before – a massively-multiplayer mobile game that could seamlessly, and efficiently, handle the complex concurrent gameplay - and interactions of millions of players around the world in a single virtual universe. Executing this bold idea was no easy technical endeavor, but what resulted was the meteoric rise and continued success of Game of War – Fire Age, Mobile Strike, and Final Fantasy XV - A New Empire.

We offer clients the same dynamic "High Frequency Media Buying" marketing approach behind the success of our games, buying and optimizing on an intraday basis across over 200 networks delivering ROI and converting marketing into a revenue driver.

We’ve also advanced the technology behind the games to create the only smart city transportation solution that leverages streaming live data. With unparalleled speed, efficiency, and ultra-low latency, Satori coalesces streaming live data from public and private transportation options to provide city managers and citizens up-to-the-second information on every transportation option available. Already in use in Queenstown, this “software as infrastructure” will soon be rolled out throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Real time messaging, C++, pub/sub, Free2Play, Cloud, mobile games, PAAS, game development, real time analytics, iOS, stream analytics, Android, Lambda infrastructure, large-scale distributed systems, bots, live data, live data messaging, and live data bots.