Hudson River Trading

HRT operates one of the world's most sophisticated computing environments for algorithmic trading. We are engineers and mathematicians bringing innovation and automation to global financial markets.

Founded 2002
51-200 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    32 Old Slip, New York, NY 10005, USA

    Hudson River Trading (HRT) is fundamentally a math and technology company. Founded in 2002, HRT develops automated trading algorithms using advanced mathematical and statistical modeling techniques and an extremely high-performance computing environment.

    At HRT we are mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, physicists and engineers. We focus on hiring brilliant minds in disciplines that are highly quantitative, analytical, research-oriented and demand excellent programming skills. It is our mission to use cutting edge technology for HRT's continued success, and to leverage this success to make the world's financial markets more transparent and efficient.

    HRT is a tech company. We have built one of the world's most sophisticated computing environments for algorithmic trading. As mathematicians and engineers who trade millions of times a day in markets around the globe, we are disciples of automation and efficiency.

    HRT is ambitious. We count among our team many brilliant minds, but genius alone is insufficient. At HRT we succeed by being on the cutting edge of technology. We are insatiable innovators, always seeking to improve every aspect of our business.

    HRT acts with integrity. The interests of public markets are considered ahead of our own. HRT plays a significant role in the market, and we appreciate that responsibility and take great care to ensure that our systems perform as designed. We have a deep understanding and respect for the regulatory environments we operate in.

    HRT is strongest when we collaborate. We maintain an open research and development environment because we know that the best ideas are born that way. We believe the trust and respect we share for each other strengthen everything we do. Working closely as a team is not only more effective – it’s more fun.​

    And having fun together is a defining characteristic of HRT’s culture. Whether it’s collaborating on a project, solving a complicated problem, celebrating a recent success, sharing a meal, or competing over a heated game of ping pong – we embrace a culture of togetherness*. We have a huge HRT <3!

    Jason Carroll, Alex Morcos, and Suhas Daftuar co-founded Hudson River Trading (HRT) in 2002 with two former classmates and colleagues. Jason and Suhas both graduated from Harvard University (00/01), armed with degrees in computer science and mathematics. Within CS, Jason focused his study on theory and algorithms, culminating in research and an undergraduate thesis on job scheduling algorithms in a distributed computing environment. Suhas was a Cryptologic mathematician, specializing in applying abstract algebra over finite fields to solve real-world problems in coding theory. Just down Mass Ave, Alex studied computer science and mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). There, he concentrated his studies in cryptography and in solving analytical problems on large data sets using powerful computer systems, receiving his master’s degree in 1998.

    Needless to say, all three discovered that their math and programming skills provided a solid foundation for research and development of automated trading strategies. With relatively little experience in finance, the founders hypothesized that by applying a fresh take to trading stocks, one that truly leveraged the power of technology, they could have a meaningful impact in a world still dominated by manual operators. It was with this belief and some modest savings they started HRT.

    Having found a tiny office space with a single window over looking the Hudson River (hence the name Hudson River Trading) the partners got to work. Many sleepless nights and even more lines of code later, they made their first trade. Very quickly, HRT's algorithms saw success in the markets. Today, their founding story is an anecdote for the importance of open and transparent markets. The partners have been and continue to be vocal advocates of an environment that encourages the next generation of entrepreneurs.

    Having focused mainly on US equity markets, the partners postulated their scientifically rigorous approach to trading financial instruments could extend to other geographies and asset classes. To assist in this effort, in 2010, HRT was fortunate to have a former MIT classmate and colleague, Prashant Lal join the company as a partner. Prior to HRT, Prashant had a successful career at Tower Research Capital, where he created and headed Tower’s largest trading group.

    Today, Jason and Prashant remain active managing partners at HRT, and are closely involved in the day to day operations of the firm. Prashant focuses on the firm’s growth into new markets and asset classes, and Jason on the ongoing expansion and improvement of HRT’s trading technology. As leaders, ​they provide support and guidance to HRTers as the company grows, and new generations of talent take on more responsibility.

    When not in the office, Prashant can probably be found on a tennis court, or in Tribeca with his wife and daughter. Jason, on the other hand, seeks adventure on the water and in the sky; he is a world-champion sailor with a passion for aviation. When not making us all a little nervous with his penchant for daring hobbies, Jason is a true Philomath. If there is something to learn and conquer, he will. All of the partners embody HRT’s culture of hard work, ethics, and the tireless pursuit of opportunity.

    Alex and Suhas remain HRT partners and mentors, but have taken a step back from daily operations. Today they focus their energy on Chaincode Labs, a Bitcoin think tank based in Flatiron.​

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    Hudson River Trading - Cross-team bonding: Vlad, Algo; Chris, Bizdev; Nik, Systems.
    Hudson River Trading - Many of HRT's events focus on family, including our company vacation.
    Hudson River Trading - Members of our core team, Guillaume and Eric
    Hudson River Trading - We love Giant Jenga but sometimes we're not really good at it.
    Hudson River Trading - Henry and Sandy at The Sagamore in Lake George for our 2015 annual vacation.
    Hudson River Trading - HRT Anniversary Party (14 years!) at Tao Downtown. Theme is Day of the Dead. It was epic.
    Hudson River Trading - Ladies@HRT at our 2015 holiday party at the Gramercy Park Hotel
    Hudson River Trading - The Sagamore 2015 - Sat night party!
    Hudson River Trading - HRT Trip 2013 to Laguna Beach, CA. Coworkers and friends, Laura, Dan, and Jason know each other from college.
    Hudson River Trading - A Peregrine Falcon devours its prey at our NYC office, 32 Old Slip. These amazing birds make their home next door, and we're frequently lucky enough to spy on them (admittedly they're not shy).